Video: RDP’s Twin-Blown Challenger Makes 1,000 Horses

Located just 20 miles east of Cleveland, RDP Motorsport of Perry, Ohio boasts the nation’s most accurate in-house dyno system, their Dyno Dynamics rolling chassis system. One that gives actual rear wheel horsepower, RDP’s chassis dyno also produces several other precision performance readings.

Sometimes it’s easy to overdo a late-model performance build; nothing epitomizes this idea of “horsepower overkill” more than RDP’s twin-supercharged Challenger SRT8, a new-gen performer that’s currently using a dual-blower setup from Harrop Engineering to make 1,000 horses.

On top of the fact that RDP’s Challenger uses extreme forced induction to make huge numbers on the dyno, the SRT’s 6.1 HEMI has been punched-out to 440 cubes and is force fed via a nitrous system from Nitrous Express. This car’s quarter-mile stats are still unknown, but guesses are that the Dodge pony should pull off passes below the 10-second bracket, and RDP claims that their fastest late-model HEMI Challenger currents holds a record of 9.79 at 144 miles per hour.

What RDP has ultimately achieved through their 1,000-horse Challenger is that they’ve squeezed epic wheel power on top of an impressive displacement out of a modern motor that already cranked 425 horses right out of the box.

On top of these, the SRT has been further modded with a custom rear featuring a 1/2-inch shaft, a Quaife limited-slip differential and a 3,800 rpm stall for a much firmer launch than stock.

The Ohio performance shop’s super-quick Dodge has also been fitted with a set of Kooks headers and a custom exhaust system from RDP. As you can see from our featured clip, the result so far has been earth-shattering and has more than shaken-up the wide world of late-model Mopar performance!

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