The Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang have had more in common over the years than many might think. Apart from the obvious (V8, rear wheel drive, American pony car), the two modern day “sports/musclecars” are both dependent on each other for survival, essentially. 

If that sounds like nonsense to you, then maybe you need to consider this; if not for the Mustang, the Camaro could very well have never existed, and if the Camaro was never re-released in 2010, the current Mustang GT could very well still have only 300 HP. Factor in the notion that continually improving the breed is what gets buyers in the showrooms, and you’ll have the business case for both cars in a nutshell. 

Then you have their respective followings. Mustang guys constantly bring up the past, spitefully, mentioning how there’s no aftermarket support for the “2003-09 Camaros,” while Camaro followers are quick to bring up the Mustang II. All human-involved rivalries aside, let’s get to the cars.

The 2013 Camaro 1LE comes to the party with a blend of SS and ZL1 mechanicals mixed together, to create a perfectly balanced road racing package that you can buy at any Chevy dealer. The best part? It’s not much more expensive than a standard SS.

The Mustang is back again for 2013, this time with an updated front fascia, rear taillights, a slight bump in horsepower, and an even better tuned suspension. Apparently, they’re good for high 12’s in the quarter right off of the showroom floor.

Recently, our colleagues over at Motor Trend tested the ’13 Camaro 1LE against the ’13 Mustang GT with the optional Track Pack. According to Motor Trend, they begged and pleaded with Ford to lend them a BOSS 302, but Ford refused. Was it because they were still sore about it’s epic fail against the ZL1 a few months back, or was it because the 1LE had already outclassed the Shelby GT500 (albeit, by .9 seconds) two months after that?

Who knows, but they refused, and the results here speak for themselves; a near neck-and-neck tie of 12.7 at the dragstrip for both cars, while the road course tells a different story. We won’t ruin any more surprises, but the video is definitely worth watching, especially if you’re a Camaro fan on any level.

Camaro vs. Mustang; will it ever end?