Video: The Cops Pay a Little Visit to Jay Leno

Cop Cars Dodge

This is the way you always want to see a cop car

Jay Leno is the quintessential car guy’s car guy. Any gearhead who has been around knows that he is quite the fixture around his Hollywood digs, driving a prodigious amount of cool cars back and forth to his set at NBC. And what gearhead can say that they haven’t had the dubious pleasure of a lit up Crown Vic looming in their rearview mirror?

But how many of us can claim that we had one in our shop with the cameras rolling for all America to see? We all love Jay because he makes stuff like this happen, and he takes the time to share his crazy car life with us on his YouTube channel.

Check out this video we first heard about on Car Buzz. In the video, Leno has an array of CHP cop cars from the earlier years parked in his shop, stretching back to the 60s. The task is to choose which one was the all-time favorite. We won’t tell you, but suffice it to say, it was a cool car and a cool year.

Dodge cop car

Jay Leno drove this, then he takes the thing for a cruise – and it is bitchin’. Jay has a lot of fun experiencing what it was like for the ‘other side’.

One revelation that comes out of this is a tidbit of info involving the cops stuffing out their cigars down the barrels of their 12gauge shotguns! Now really! Who in the world would do that? And the red light controller device was pretty interesting too.

But the one thing all of us gearheads should take away from this, is the prototype Ford Explorer with its “Integrated Environment”. We’re talking about a system which includes radar, cameras, computer, and radio – all integrated with their latest gizmo: ” license plate readers”. This may be bad news for the true criminals among us – but what about the rest of us? Technology – beware it is coming!

Well, ’nuff said. Alright gearheads, which cruiser was your favorite, and what have you done to talk your way out of a ticket?

Dodge and Ford cop cars

Double Trouble.

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