Just when you thought that the road-racing scene only belonged to Germany and the U.K., this Corvair Monza, powered by a 3.1L flat-four with dual-Webers, sets all the records straight.

This V6 Monza is set-up with all of the right handling suspension components, enough to make the ’65 Corvair nimble enough to wax a 240Z while sounding like a Porsche. In this video, the Corvair Monza can be seen whipping several other cars, both at the drags and on a road course. What makes it distinctive is the smooth but responsive running dynamic of the V6, putting-out power even in the low revs.

Because the Corvair is light and has the right suspension setup from the box, is doesn’t take much of a motor to get it to move, and the 3.1 liter displacement works perfect for a car this small. The motor sounds as though it has a little bit of a backfire in the higher-RPM ranges, but it still doesn’t have the lag or the “flat spots” that are common with a lot more radically-built V8s, even V6s in the case of some applications.

Overall, the idea of building an all-American platform around a European concept is one that just works, and this Monza is living, “breathing” proof.