Video: Vanguard Pictures Releases Latest in the Nitro Warriors Saga

The creation of stop motion films is a finite art that only the most talented and dedicated individuals master. Lucky for us, we have one of those very individuals and his team on our friends list so we got a first alert for the drop of the third installment of the famed Nitro Warriors series from Vanguard Pictures today. Check it out above!

nitro_warriors_5We first caught wind of the Nitro Warrior series back in early 2013 and have been hooked ever since. As the brain child of director Paul Greer and his team of talented animators, including Victoria Smith, Brenden Kent, David Smith and Allan Canfield, Nitro Warriors has blossomed into a very popular stop motion video series. Just check out Nitro Warriors and Nitro Warriors 2- Afterburner to see for yourself!

This time around, for the third episode in the NW saga, Hot Wheels has teamed up with Vanguard Pictures as the Nitro Warriors cars take on Jurassic Falls- a fantasy world complete with 3D printed dinosaurs and dragons, giant “miniature” mountains and plenty of iconic orange Hot Wheels track to guide the cars on their adventure.

nitro_warriors_2Digital FX technology was used to create a number of visual affects for the film, while new magnet animation was used to keep the cars running their course flawlessly through loop-de-loops, sharp turns, and steep embankments.

nitro_warriors_6The entire production took six months to create, over 25,000 individual camera shots and a plethora of robotic camera rigs and latest releases from Hot Wheels.

You can check out some of the behind-the-scenes work for the film in the video below!

Thanks goes out to Paul Greer and the entire team from Vanguard Pictures and Hot Wheels for sharing their latest creation with us. Here’s to a Nitro Warriors IV being released in the near future!

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