Vaterra 4A manufacturer of premium RC cars and trucks out of Champaign, Illinois, Vaterra offers radio-controlled vehicles that are not only high-quality and optimally-detailed in presentation, but are built for whatever kind of driving environment you prefer.

Be it for driving through the forest, mountains or in the sand dunes, Vaterra has a bitchin’ RC setup that’s right up your alley. The Vaterra product that’s caught our attention, however, is this featured 1/10-scale, ’69 RS Camaro that’s about as close to a real 1st-Gen F-body as one can get.

Nicely-done RCs like our featured Camaro do come at a fairly reasonable price, with a window of around just under $300 all the way to just shy of $700, these cars are a tad steep, but an investment nonetheless. Also, Vaterra’s scaled-down Camaro is a certified product that features a customizable chassis.

Each Vaterra RC also includes full-waterproof electronics, and your car is ready to go when you buy. Their 1st-Gen pony is a clean piece with a remarkable attention to “nooks and crannies”, but in addition to their ’69 RS, the company also offers a 1/10-scale, ’12 ZL1 that aims to please your appetite for late-model GM muscle.

Vaterra 6As you can see from the above clip, the Vaterra RS Camaro isn’t your ordinary, “Toys R Us” special. In fact, each RC is built to nearly real vehicle standards. Like an actual 1st-Gen, their 1/10-scaled pony runs fast and handles. It also runs for a retail of $439.99, though Vaterra is currently offering the car for a selling price of $239.99.

If you’re interested in their ’12 ZL1, then that can be had for a current selling price of $279.99, and either choice is a smart one the next time you’re ready to hit your local park with your one-of-a-kind, Vaterra vehicle.

Be sure to check out the Vaterra RC company whenever you have a moment to “window shop;” warm weather and sunshine are just around the corner!

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