Video: Want To See A 1,421 Horsepower Viper? Of Course You Do!

vip1The Dodge/SRT Viper can be a jaw-dropping marvel of automotive engineering, even more so when it’s been fully-modified to take advantage of the stump-pulling torque the V-10 engine is capable of producing.

How about when you add boatloads more power, by installing a pair of billet-wheel 76mm turbochargers running at 19 PSI of boost pressure on E98 fuel? That’s a large slice of awesome wrapped up in a neat package.

What does it take to achieve these kinds of numbers safely? A MoTec M800 engine control unit, Injector Dynamics ID2000 fuel injectors, and an even ten GM LS-style truck coil packs. Engine tuning duties are handled by John Reed.

So there’s plenty of go…what about the corners and whoa factor? Well, this Viper relies on a full set of Moton coilover dampers, quad-piston Brembo brakes, and Unitrax axles to keep the car under control at speed. A G-Force transmission, Quaife differential, and McLeod twin-disc clutch are also on board. 

vip2We especially like the Street Serpent Wide Body kit, which sets the car up with a two-inch wider body and track dimension to keep it planted even harder in the corners while retaining the outstanding looks that Viper is known for.

The front and rear fascias are redesigned as well as the side sills, quarter panels, fenders and decklid, and the top has been chopped by two inches. In short – it’s a brand new Viper!

You get to watch the whole process from multiple angles as Reed sneaks up on the tuneup, making a succession of pulls until he sees the number he wants on the screen – an absolutely insane 1,421.9 horsepower at the wheels. The car was built by the Viper wizards at JMB Performance and dynoed at Craven Performance; just watching made our Monday a whole lot better. Check out the video and enjoy!

Video Credit: TooBlueRacing

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