Typically a barn find involves a long-forgotten vehicle that sat under some kind of cover – be it a tarp or storage boxes – hiding it away from the eye (and usually the mind) of the owner. Eventually someone decides to move the obscuring material out of the way and lo and behold, there’s a classic automobile in a condition that varies from “Are you sure that’s a car?” to “Who knew dust was a preservative?” hiding underneath.

However, this barn find is more like a “forgotten-warehouse-find” based on the size of the building and the fact that there appears to be something in the neighborhood of 30 Pontiac Firebirds in various conditions and ages (we’re pretty sure there’s a third-gen in the right-hand corner nearest the door) along with a wagon of some sort (left side, near the door – we can’t really make out the taillights).

While there a heated debate raging on the internet about whether this qualifies as a barn find (since it not actually a barn, but appears to be a metal building, and people on the internet will argue about pretty much anything), the fact is, it is an amazing sight for those of us who are vintage Poncho-lovers. While it seems as if there might be quite a few rust-buckets among this flock of vintage firebirds, there appear to be quite a few solid examples that would be very worthy of someone’s time and effort to restore.

While details are sparse, we choose to assume this was the collection of an automotive enthusiast who had every intention of eventually seeing these cars returned to their former glory, as opposed to a hoarder who wanted all of the firebirds for himself. Either way, we genuinely hope these cars find new loving and caring owners and find their way back on the road, where they belong.