Autocross has taken a front seat in motorsports with active participation growing by leaps and bounds each weekend. The concept is simple: a timed competition where drivers navigate through a defined course, usually marked by traffic cones, on a flat surface.

autocrossUnlike road racing, oval track racing or even drag racing, in Autocross there is only one car on the track at a time. This helps emphasize safe competition.

The premise behind the sport is placed on car handling and driver skill rather than engine power or speed. 

Events typically have many classes that allow almost any vehicle, from economy sedans to purpose-built racing cars, to compete. Due to the nature of a typical track, speeds can be slower when compared to other forms of motorsports, usually not exceeding highway speeds, but the activity level can be higher than even Formula One racing due to the large number of elements packed into each course.

Our video shows the 1957 Chevy Bel Air “on it’s way to the world’s first auto decathlon.”

The map shown on the video looks like it could have been the world’s first auto cross race to us. There’s a fair share of turns and circling the cones with a couple of long straights to open up the speed a bit. 


Because it’s a decathlon, there are 10 segments in the course. This event was actually held in Pomona California and certified by an agency for automotive testing. 

Against several other competitors, the Chevy Bel Air came in first place for the 10 events to claim the Championship. We’d like to see this competition take place again, and Pomona seems like the right place to do it.