Videos: Second and Third Phase of the Viper-Powered Maverick Build

Jason Lewis’ Viper-powered Maverick has been an ongoing project for a few years now. When we brought you his first video last summer, Lewis had already made good progress on the car, fitting it with a full tube frame chassis and Chris Alston front end, as well as a custom fabricated transmission and driveshaft tunnel. But most importantly, he had that big V10 fit nice and snug into the Maverick’s engine bay thanks to some serious firewall fabrication. Now 9 months later, Lewis has moved the car to a new work space and begun making more headway on the “FORDGE” project. Check out the second chapter of the Maverick build above, compliments of Bangshift.

In the video above, Lewis moves the car into its new space at Mike Fennel Enterprises in Saugus, California.

There Mike Fennel himself and stuntman James Smith take a look at the underside of the Maverick to see what Lewis has done to the car and give him their opinion on where to go from there.

Once the Maverick is on the lift, you can see all the fabrication Lewis has done to the car so far, and to say that it is impressive would be an understatement. We knew he had equipped the car with a full tube frame chassis, but to see its extent was beyond our expectations.

With Fennel and Smith’s thumbs up to move forward after looking the car over, Lewis set off to complete the next step in the FORDGE build, uploading his latest build video to his YouTube channel just a couple days ago.

In this video below, Lewis pulls the Viper engine and transmission out of the car to start planning for the oil pan fabrication and camshaft swap.

Because Lewis wants his car to be streetable, the oil pan that rides just 3 inches off the ground isn’t going to work. So Lewis has decided to combine a Viper oil pan and an SRT10 Viper-powered truck oil pan to get the ground clearance he wants. No fabrication is done in this video, but you do get to see that big ‘ole Viper engine out on a stand and the most important part of fabrication starting- the planning stages.

Lewis teases that the camshaft swap is set for the next video installment.

In addition to some planning and drivetrain removal, you also get to see the somewhat humorous scene of Lewis dumping dog food out of the intake manifold galley. It seems that like many project cars, a little critter got into the Maverick and decided to stash its winter food source for safe keeping. With Lewis moving forward on the car, it looks like the rodent is going to have to find a different place to store things.

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