Weekly Prizes for Highest-Liked Entries on “MSD My LSx” Contest


Right now, builders, gearheads, and general car nuts are gathering around to win the MSD My LSx Contest on Facebook. Sponsored by MSD Ignition and meted out by our LS enthusiast publication, LSX Magazine, folks are competing for two separate grand prizes of MSD Atomic EFI systems.

MSd-weekly_prize-packAs the contest heats up over on Facebook, it’s time to spice things up a bit. Every week, somewhere, someone is going to get a complete prize pack from MSD.

For the next seven weeks, you can take part in the weekly contest to vote for who’s got the hottest-looking LS engine in the land. And if you or someone you know has an LS project going on right now, head on over and join in on the action!

All you have to do is send a photo and a small blurb about how MSD’s products could improve your ride. You have from now until the contest closes at 11:59 p.m., 10/31/2013.

Week 6 Winner: Shawn Ray’s ’54 Chevy

Get a load of what Shawn Ray is doing to his prized 1954 Chevy 150 two-door: chopped, mated to a ’98 Trans Am’s LS1, and loaded with numerous one-off mods including wheels and the interior, this project sounds like it’ll be one hell of a car when all is said and done. An Atomic LS system would be the crowning gift to this coupe, and we wish him the best in making it happen before October 31st. Congratulations, Shawn!

ShawnLS1MSDLSXWeek 5 Winner: LJ Treffer’s ’82 Regal

LJ Treffer trumped the competition for week five. Voters supported the man’s efforts to take his Regal to the next level, which currently has a quarter-mile best of 10.80 @ 124.5 mph. An MSD 6010 box is already installed into the carbed 6.0L LQ9, but our week 5 winner can’t wait to see what an Atomic EFI can do to make his time even better. Kudos, LJ!

LJTreffer'scarMSDMyLSXWk5Week 4 Winner: Alberto Rodriguez Garcia’s ’01 Silverado

Alberto came out on top as we enter our fifth week of the contest. His turbocharged, LS6-equipped 2001 Silverado making 18 lbs. of boost looked mighty mean, and together with a new MSD system, he believes a 1,000hp rig is within his reach. Go get ’em dude, and congratulations on the win.

MSDweek4winnerWeek 3 Winner: Wayne Domanek’s ’87 Mazda RX7

Week three’s winner is Wayne Domanek with his 1987 Mazda RX7. Similar to last week’s winner, the 5.3L LSX was the perfect fit into this sporty coupe, which gets put through its paces as a drag racer. Wayne wants an Atomic system for its clean appearance, and we can’t argue that it’s a great choice for anyone looking to tidy up the engine bay of their vehicle. Congratulations Wayne, and good luck on the future of your Mazda.

WayneDomanek's1987RX7Week 2 Winner: Bret Combest Jr.’s Mazda FC RX7

Week two’s winner is Bret Combest Jr. with his FC RX7. Fans were impressed to see the man’s (nearly) finished product now equipped with a 5.3L LSX with a Z06 camshaft. It’s been four years in the making and he’s still attempting to fix all the “interior rattles,” but in the meantime, this Mazda is putting power to the pavement in ways never seen before. Way to go, Bret!

Week2WinnerRX7MSDMyLSXWeek 1 Winner: Kurtis Sander’s ’97 Firebird

Kurtis earned the most votes among his competitors, reaching 78 votes and winning himself some sweet MSD goodies, including decals and a T-shirt. His project is a 1997 Firebird, and he’s replacing the 6.0L LQ9 with an LS6 cam.


Curious as to who will be next week’s winner? It could be you. Enter the contest, share your post, and marshal your forces to get the most votes! We’ll keep track right here in this story, so go ahead and bookmark it to see who comes out on top every week.

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