Weld Racing RT-S S71 Now Available in Four-Lug For Fox-body Stangs

A longtime gripe of Fox-body Mustang owners has been the fact that Ford retained the four-lug wheel bolt-pattern from the Mustang II when they made the switch to the Fox platform in 1979. For a long time this limited Mustang owners on wheel choices, unless they wanted to spend the time and money to convert their car to the more common five-lug pattern. Weld Racing was one of the first and most popular wheel choices for four-lug Fox owners with their Drag-lite wheels. In fact when we think 1990’s Fox-body, a Mustang with skinny Drag-lites up front and fat ones in the rear is burned in our minds.

Lately the wheel that is making waves in the Mustang market from Weld is the RT-S S71. We have put the RT-S S71 on a few of our own project cars and love not only the look but the incredible weight savings realized as well. While it’s easier and more common to switch a Fox-body over to five-lug these days than it was 20 years ago, we still see many four-lug foxes running around. 

With the popularity of the RT-S S71 wheel, and customer demand for a four-lug version of it, Weld Racing recently released their four-lug RT-S S71 aimed directly at the Fox-body market. Available in 15-inch diameters, this is the same lightweight forged aluminum wheel as it’s five-lug brothers, built right here in the USA. Widths available range from four-inches, all the way up to steamroller sized 16-inches. Just like the five-lug versions they’re also available in either the traditional polished or the more modern black finish. Weld has these wheels available now and is currently taking orders and shipping them for delivery.

We suspect we’ll see more than a few of these at the drag strip, cruise nights, car shows, and on the street in the coming months. With the popularity of the RT-S S71 style already, the new four-lug version is sure to be a big hit with Fox-body owners.

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