Wild 1/2 Scale Plymouth Superbird

sbird03Check out the really cool video we found of this pint-size Plymouth Superbird roaming the fairgrounds of a car show. We aren’t sure where this video was taken, but we do have some information about the car itself.

The body is fiberglass formed in molds that were hand built from scratch. The body sits on a standard one seater go cart that was customized to fit a full-size person inside the car. Power comes from a stock 8 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine – a very far cry from the Hemi powered B body it resembles. Weighing in at about 300 pounds without a driver, its highly unlikely you will see a burnout from this little car.


Does this image remind you of the Rat Fink drawings by Ed Roth? Except, there’s a real person behind that waving hand.

One of the unique features of this Mini- Mopar is that the driver actually enters and exits through a real working driver’s door. Judging from the cars size, it’s hard to believe an adult is driving the car, but as you will see on the video – he’s in there. As you can imagine, it does take some work to get in and out of the car.

At only nine feet in length and about 2 feet high excluding the wing, it still makes for a very eye grabbing exhibit. With prices for the real deal Superbirds well into the six-figure zone, this is definitely one man’s alternative to forking over a couple hundred grand for the genuine article.

Not only will the kids go crazy over this, imagine how many husbands will be dying for a toy like this. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more mini replicas like this iconic Mopar at shows in the future. What car would you choose to make a small scale version? Tell us below in the comments section.




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