We found this interesting ’68 Dodge Charger up for grabs on Racing Junk. It’s an original 383 big block, 4-speed car that was built to run the street stock division of stock car racing. The car itself would be a great starter car for an entry level racer, and it has already racked up its share of division wins, which proves the car is no slouch.

With over 20 wins under its belt, including a Track Championship at Lanier Raceway. There are obviously no bugs to work out. The asking price of $3,000 is very fair for a car you can get into and race this weekend.

This ’68 Charger has a full cage, a modified front offset chassis, and an aluminum firewall. The fuel system was upgraded also with larger fuel line and large capacity fuel cell. It appears this car has all the trick stuff done to it that the rule books will allow, and probably some other hidden ones too.

When racing in the Street Stock division there aren’t many high dollar parts allowed, reason being its done to even the playing field so that entry level racers can compete fairly. You must have a good working chassis and suspension setup to win, making it more about who can set up a car to work, than who has the most money.

From it’s rolled fenders and custom spoiler, to is NASCAR style body treatments, this car will make someone a great weekend competitor and what really sets it apart is it’s a Mopar with winning history.