MAHLE Ford Mustang Build Begins At Petty’s Garage

MAHLE Petty Mustang Build Begins-22

The 5.0 liter engine is out and the build has started on the 2017 MAHLE Ford Mustang for the MAHLE “Drive with the Original” Promotion.

The MAHLE Ford Mustang will be a real showcase for MAHLE Original gaskets and other MAHLE parts. — Jon Douglas, MAHLE

As we recently shared with you, MAHLE Aftermarket North America is giving and auto technician a shot at winning a $100,000 Petty’s Garage Mustang. Work has officially started on the custom, twin-turbo Mustang for the “Drive with the Original” Technician promotion.

The one-of-a-kind build, which is taking place at Petty’s Garage in Randleman, North Carolina, will be the grand prize awarded at the 2017 AAPEX Show in Las Vegas, taking place from October 31 – November 2.

The design team at Petty’s Garage is taking a stock 2017 Mustang GT and completely rebuilding the 5.0 liter engine using MAHLE Original parts including MAHLE Original gaskets which will be capable of handling the Mustangs increase in performance.

MAHLE-Mustang (22)

The MAHLE Ford Mustang will feature a number custom exterior parts including wheels, tires and custom suspension. Petty’s Garage will also be applying a custom MAHLE blue paint scheme to finish it all off.

“The MAHLE Ford Mustang will be a real showcase for MAHLE Original gaskets and other MAHLE parts, “said Jon Douglas, General Manager, MAHLE Aftermarket North America. “With the kind of power Petty’s Garage will be pulling from that engine, you want the race-bred technology of MAHLE parts inside.”

The engine will also require MAHLE to forge custom pistons in anticipation of the newly installed twin-turbo engine reaching power levels up to 1,000 horsepower in full competition mode. For more on the Mustang and the contest, you can visit the official site here.


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