World’s Baddest Gremlin? Randall AMC 401-XR Tribute.

Here’s one for you fans of oddballs and orphans. Check out this hot rod 1972 Gremlin X dressed up to resemble a rare “Randall 401-XR,”  a Yenko-style dealer hop-up resulting in the  baddest AMC subcompact ever built. You never thought you’d hear those particular words strung together, huh? The guys at “Bring a Trailor” uncovered this story and if all this AMC muscle gets you riled up, it’s your lucky day…It’s for sale for a mere $14K.

For those of you unfamiliar with 401-XR Gremlins, here’s a brief tutorial. Randall AMC in Mesa, Arizona modified new 304 V-8 Gremlins by swapping in a 401 mill with headers and adding a handling package and exterior badging. Available with a 4-speed manual or 3-speed TorqueFlite, this 2400-pound buggy was light on its feet, capable of running the quarter in the 13’s at over 105 mph. Just 21 were made from 1972-1974 and all this goodness could be your for just $2995.00!

Hailing from Howell, Michigan, our subject car is a “tribute,” with a 401 V-8, 727 auto trans and Dana rear end. The car went through a nut and bolt restoration 6 years ago and had has won multiple cars shows. Seller claims over $10K in driveline alone.

The next question is, would you pay $14K for a Gremlin?  If you could jump into a time machine, go back to 1972 and even hint that a Gremlin would someday be worth this kind of dough, you’d probably be met with gales of laughter. On the other hand, how many of these factory chopped Hornets in any condition are left? Either way, me thinks this Gremlin is cool.

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