Project Killer Kong


Killer Kong Project Update: Giving Our Dash A Dash of Brilliance

Completing the interior of our '69 Dodge Charger R/T - Killer Kong - was only half of the job; we still had the dashboard to complete. With some finesse, some skillful craftsmanship and a lot of help from some industry friends, our Mopar's dash is looking top notch!Read More


Killer Kong Project Update: Interior Need Not Cause Cabin Fever

Our perennial project Mopar, "Killer Kong" is coming together pretty nicely now that we've gathered some of the coolest stuff the aftermarket offers to put together a stock-but-not interior package that is as clean and simple as it is beautiful to look at.Read More


Killer Kong Project Update: Ironing Out Leaf Spring Woes

They might date back to the automobile's frontier-crossing wagon forefathers, but leaf springs are still a viable suspension system for all sorts of traction conditions. We'll show you some quick and cheap tricks to maximizing your classic muscle car's suspension.Read More


Killer Kong Project Update: Speedway Motors’ Speedy Disc Brake Swap

Thanks to Speedway Motors, who offers a complete disc brake kit for 1962-1972 B-Body Mopars, we swap out Kong's old junkyard front setup for a clean disc brake combo that is as comprehensive as it is easy to install.Read More


Killer Kong Project Update: Gettin’ All Up In ‘Dis Grille

We went about restoring Killer Kong’s grille the “old fashioned way,” which in the long run, actually saved us a whole lot of money (we broke even!) and came away with a really nice piece that we could be proud of.Read More


Killer Kong Project Mini Update: Wiper Motor Resurrection

We're not going to lie, we were pretty up-in-the-air when it came to running windshield wipers on Killer Kong up until we got the email back from Jules D'Addio, "The Wiper Motor Man." Jules walked us through how he restored our 3-speed wiper motor.Read More


Killer Kong Mini Update: Reviving Aluminum Wheels With Meguiar’s

Aluminum rims are quickly becoming the standard for muscle cars both new and old, the weight alone are worth the investment. We outfit Killer Kong with some Weld Draglite wheels and use Meguiar's to give 'em a good spit n' shine.Read More


Killer Kong Project Update: Shocking The System With QA1

High performance shocks notably improve the overall responsiveness of the chassis. Just like tires and springs, shocks can make an incredible difference in a car's ability to hook up and launch. That's why Killer Kong - our '69 Dodge Charger R/T project - scored a set of QA1 double-adjustable shocks.Read More


Killer Kong Project Mini Update: Weatherproofing In a Snap

Today's plastics and rubber is embedded with new age polymers that resist aging, cracking and discoloring far longer than those from over 40 years ago. These polymers also improve elasticity in softer contact points - like body bumpers and weatherstripping - and will maintain that pliability over the years.Read More


Killer Kong Update: Brighten Up Your Brightwork

Proper brightwork should be like good movie special effects, if done right, nobody should notice. For our second generation '69 Dodge Charger "Killer Kong," there was far more chrome, stainless, aluminum and pot metal brightwork than we had realized, leaving us to decide what to replace, repolish, or rechrome.Read More


Killer Kong Project Update: Getting Your Stripe Right

We dial back the clock to take a look at how our Killer Kong '69 Dodge Charger's iconic tail stripe was installed. Body decals can either make or break the muscle car, so it's worth learning how to put them on right (that means no bubbles, wrinkles or just plain straight).Read More


TCI Puts The Fight Back Into Killer Kong’s Worn Out 727 Torqueflite

Building a hard-hitting engine is always the flashy, fun thing to talk about, but without the proper gearbox to back up all that power, you're big and brash big block won't have anywhere to go. We're working on Killer Kong's powertrain a little backwards to emphasize how crucial the rest of the package is.Read More


Killer Kong Project Mini Update: Tapping Into Some Mopar Inspiration

The original grainy image above is of Landy's '68 featured on the cover of Super Stock & Drag Illustrated long before many reading this were born. Jason took some creative liberties and inked this cool rendering of our T7 Bronze R/T Charger yanking the front skinnies just like Mr. Landy did so long ago.Read More


Killer Kong Project Update: Checking Off Our Bucket (Seat) List

As we’ve mentioned before, Killer Kong, our ‘69 Dodge Charger was everything but an R/T, meaning it came equipped with Chrysler’s smallest big block, the 290hp 383 B-Block, a floor-shifted …Read More


Killer Kong Project Update: More New Goodies From TCI

Today's a good day. Heck, any day new parts come in off the big brown truck is a good day. It wasn't a week or two ago that we got our junkyard 727 Torqueflite back home and ready to heave up into the belly of our project '69 Dodge Charger lovingly christened Killer Kong. Read More


Killer Kong Update: Currie Dana 60 Install; Our 727 Touts TCI Goods

Finally having a Saturday free of "honey-dos" and family obligations, we were open to pushing the bronze B-Body out into the daylight and lift it up on jack stands in the driveway. Chocking up the front wheels, we got the Dodge up on four 3-ton stands, letting the rear suspension hang on its own.Read More

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