Project Rehab


Fueling Up To 700 Horsepower On A Budget Fox Body With Aeromotive

A capable fuel system doesn't have to break your budget. Aeromotive helps us build a fuel system that will support up to 700 hp with forced induction and EFI, for Project Rehab, our 1991 Fox body Mustang hatchbackRead More


Hotter Fox Body Ignition Upgrades With Performance Distributors

With over 25 years on its ignition system it was time to upgrade Project Rehab's tired stock components with something hotter. That solution came from Performance Distributors as a hot ignition upgrade.Read More


Upgrading Fox Body Brakes With Aerospace Components

We bring Project Rehab's brake system into the 21st century with help from Aerospace Components. Our Fox can now stop better on the street or strip than it ever dreamed of from the factory.Read More


Bringing Engine Cooling Into The 21st Century With Davies Craig

Cooling systems have changed very little on your car since the 1930s, especially in terms of temperature control. We bring Project Rehab's cooling system into the 21st century with help from Davies Craig. Read More


Battery Relocation With Accel and Optima On Our Fox Body Mustang

We get Project Rehab one step closer to the track by moving the battery to the trunk with help from Accel, Mr Gasket, and Optima. Read More


Rehab Rewired: Upgrading Fox body Wiring With Ron Francis Wiring

While many of us that grew up with Fox body Mustangs don't typically think of them as old cars, the truth is these 20-plus year old Mustangs need as much wiring attention as many classics out there.Read More


Quick Tech: Competition Engineering’s Mustang Bump Steer Kit

Bump steer is a common problem on cars with aftermarket suspension parts added, especially those with a ride-height change. We correct it on our Fox body Mustang project car with help from Competition Engineering.Read More


Upgrading Fox body Suspension With QA1 and

We get Project Rehab ready for the street and strip with a full suspension replacement from QA1 and Follow along as we replace the worn out factory parts with new gear for street and strip.Read More


Rearend Rehab: Upgrading An 8.8 For Street/Strip With Motive Gear

We build a street/strip 8.8 rearend for Project Rehab, our Fox body Mustang with help from Motive Gear. Check out the cool parts they sent, as well as our step-by-step overview of setting up an 8.8 at home.Read More


Installing TCI’s StreetFighter AOD In A Fox Body Mustang

We upgrade the aging transmission in our Project Rehab Fox body Mustang with a new, stronger AOD from TCI Transmission. This new transmission will hold up to our planned upgrades, with the benefit of overdrive.Read More


Install and Review Dakota Digital VHX Instruments For Fox-body

Dakota Digital upgrades the gauges on Project Rehab with their new VHX Insturments for Fox-body Mustangs. We take a look at this impressive new instrument solution and what it takes to install it. Read More


Project Rehab: Replacing A 5.0 EFI Harness With Ron Francis Wiring

We replace the damaged and aging engine wiring harness in our '88 Fox-body, Project Rehab with a new one from Ron Francis Wiring.Read More


Fox Body Interior Restoration and Color Change On Our ’88 Stang

We not only upgrade and update Project Rehab's interior, but we also completely change the color. With the help of, Rehab is now a car that we can actually enjoy driving. We show you how it's done inside!Read More


Exhausting Rehab, Upgrading Our Fox Exhaust With BBK and Flowmaster

If there is one modification that is likely at the top of any Mustang enthusiast's list, it's an exhaust system. That's exactly what we have planned as our first tech article for Project Rehab as we ditch it's old, rusty, cracked pipes in favor of some new long tubes from from BBK Performance and Flowmaster.Read More


Welcome to Rehab – Introducing StangTV’s Latest Project Car

StangTV's latest project car gets introduced, this one needs a lot of work, and should provide us with some great story content for all of our Fox-body fans. Without further delay, please checkout our latest project, Project Rehab.Read More