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2010 CAMARO SS: Project ZL1UPED

The fifth-gen Camaro has been a huge success since its introduction in the 2010 model year, and our project Camaro SS proves just how much fun you can have with this modern pony car. Dubbed “ZL1UPED,” we will be teaming up with Chevrolet Performance to “one-up” the SS platform with the addition of some factory ZL1 components.

Follow along as we improve our Camaro’s bite at the dragstrip and road course, install ZL1 upgraded brakes and beef up the driveline to handle more power and torque, and add forced induction in the form of ProCharger’s revolutionary i-1 supercharger system, which uses a variable speed step-up drive to provide programmable boost at the touch of a button.

Chevy’s ZL1 will always be the benchmark for factory Camaro brawn, but we’re going to do our best to get close with our own modified version in Project ZL1UPED!

Project Specs

Vehicle: 2010 Camaro SS
Engine: Stock LS3
Power Adder: ProCharger i-1 Variable Ratio Supercharger
Transmission: Factory Tremec TR-6060, McLeod RXT Clutch
Front Suspension: BMR Tubular Sway Bar and Lowering Springs, Chevrolet Performance ZL1 Brakes
Rear Suspension: BMR Tubular Sway Bar, Lowering Springs, Control Arms, and Trailing Links, Chevy Performance ZL1 Differential
Wheels: Stock
Tires: Nitto NT555R 305/35R20 Drag Radials

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