Upping the Boost on a Fifth Gen Camaro with Turbonetics

Let’s face it – as awesome as a naturally-aspirated powerband is, we all love boost. Whether it comes in the form of a roots-style blower, centrifugal supercharger, or a turbocharger, boost is a great luxury and it completely alters the driving characteristics of a car, in a good way.

The problem with aftermarket boost is that it’s not always street-legal. States like California have very strict emissions laws and allow very few modifications to be done to road-going vehicles, with the exception of some air intake kits, a few cat-back exhausts, and very few supercharger kits, all of which have gone through a slow and expensive testing process to earn their “Executive Order” number from the California Air Resources Board.

Although emissions standards are very strict in some states, some vehicle owners have taken the risk and managed to modify their cars substantially. Though if they get pulled over and are asked to pop the hood, they could receive a very unwanted trip to the state referee, or even have their car impounded for breaking the law.

Everything you need is in this kit.

For 2010-2012 fifth-generation Camaro owners who want boost in the form of a turbo, and live in a state where emissions laws are very strict, Turbonetics has a great solution. Their Camaro turbo kit is available for 6-speed manual models with the LS3 (JEGS P/N 15192), and it bolts right on; no cutting, clearancing, or any other fabrication to get everything to fit properly. The kit is also street-legal in all 50 states. All. 50. States. How awesome is that?

The kit includes a T76 ball-bearing turbo, Spearco front mount air-to-air intercooler, two Evolution 35mm wastegates, spark plugs, injectors, mounting hardware, intake and exhaust plumbing, and a DiabloSport hand-held tuner to get it all running correctly. Since this kit comes with everything you need in one box, it can be installed at home in a day with normal tools. But obtaining an E.O. number for these kits to be street-legal isn’t an easy task for Turbonetics.

“There’s a lot of work involved with that. It took us at least six months to get it done,” explained Reggie Wynn of Turbonetics. “There’s a lot of testing to do, like cold-start testing, emissions, and they like to see that you’ve used the stock air box. There’s a lot of components that they don’t want to see you mess with. It’s still going to be a clean-air producing vehicle even after our kit is installed.”

Turbonetics’ 50-state legal Stage 1 kit takes the stock Camaro SS’ 426 horsepower and ramps it up to approximately 614 at the crank and 578 pound-feet of torque at just under 8psi of boost. For those that live in states where emissions laws are lenient, or for non-public-road uses like racing, Turbonetics also offers a Stage 2 kit, which is based off of the Stage 1 kit.

“The Stage 2 kit comes with everything, minus the fuel components,” Wynn explained. “It has two larger wastegates, and it comes with your choice of turbo. The kit doesn’t come complete and it does require some custom tuning.”

The crew over at Danzio Performance recently installed the Stage 2 kit onto its Camaro with a custom tune and ran it on the dyno. We were there to witness the dyno runs, and damn, did the car make a lot of power. 811 horsepower and 861 lb-ft of torque to the tires at 14 psi, to be exact, which is really impressive for a single-turbo kit. Keep in mind that the Camaro we tested at Danzio Performance had a fully built engine and was running C16 race fuel by VP Racing. That’s what’s great about Turbonetics’ kit; stock or fully-built, their kits will make great power, and efficiently.

“We try to keep both of the guys in mind, and when I say the guys, I mean the guy who is conscious about being legal, and the guy who is in Florida or in a state where they don’t have emissions restrictions who just wants a lot of power,” Wynn said.

Turbonetics also brought out two other Camaros to Danzio Performance to show the different levels the kit can be taken to. The black Camaro belongs to Rodolfo Santiago of Turbonetics and he drives it every day with no problems, and no hassle from the authorities. He even gets nearly the same gas mileage as the car did when it was stock!

The Stage 1 Turbonetics kit installed on the black Camaro and the Stage 2 kit installed on the orange Camaro.

That’s another great thing about turbo kits; the turbo isn’t always putting a load on the engine like a supercharger system would, as it’s powered by exhaust gasses. The second Camaro Turbonetics brought out was one of their project/show cars. It had the Stage 2 kit installed, and it looked and fit great in the engine bay with all of the other go-fast parts. Needless to say, we wanted to drive it.

No matter where you live or how you drive your Camaro, these kits will be a great addition to your Chevy. For more details, check it out right here. Boost responsibly!

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