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Video: Crashing At 195 MPH, And They Walked Away From Tangled Mess

When Nacho and Louie teamed up to take their 1,800 horsepower Camaro out for a 195 mph run, a finish line rollover was not what they expected. It’s nothing short of a miracle they survived to talk about it.

Video: Leno Talks Rental Racers With A Shelby GT350-H

The Hertz Rent-A-Racer program is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and Jay Leno invited the owner of an original Shelby GT350-H onto his YouTube show.

Video: Boss 429 Mustang Meets Jay Leno

The Boss 429 Mustang may have been underrated in its heyday, but the modern era has cast a more favorable light on the big-block pony car.

Video: Hemi Under Glass Does A Shake, Rattle, And Roll With Jay Leno

Jay Leno wanted to fulfill his bucket list and go for a ride in the famous Hemi Under Glass Barracuda. Things didn’t quite go as planned, so we called up driver Bob Riggle to get the full story.

Huge Gallery: 2016 Edelbrock Car Show Plus Our Top Picks

The 11th Annual Edelbrock Car Show brought out plenty of SoCal enthusiasts to see classics of many varieties, all while benefiting Rev’ved Up 4 Kids.

Video: Leno Plays Officer In 1961 Dodge Polara Police Car

Jay Leno gets to drive some pretty cool cars, and though it may not be a high-power restomod, this 1961 Dodge Polara police car still gets the job done.

Video: Leno Visits With A 650 Horsepower Fairlane Restomod

The Ford Fairlane epitomizes American muscle, and Pure Vision Design has come up with a “What if?” restomod that’s all about competition.

Video: GMC Syclone Sacrifices Authenticity For Speed

Less than 3,000 GMC Syclones were built, and we found one that ditched its turbo V6 for a LSX stroker. Sacrilege, or good idea?

Video: Casey Currie Ditches The Wrangler For A Hellcat

Casey Currie has traded in his Jeep Wrangler and chunky off-road tires in favor of a road-hugging Dodge Challenger Hellcat in this video.

Video: Sticking A Radial Aircraft Engine Into a ‘39 Plymouth Pickup

There are hot rods with wild engine swaps, and then there’s this 1939 Plymouth pickup that’s ditch car engines of any kind for a 12.5 liter radial aircraft engine.

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