NMCA Joliet Super Bowl Same Day Coverage 2011


It’s Sunday morning here in Joliet, and that means it’s time to crown some champions. Due to yesterday’s opening round of eliminations being cut short, we’ll start the day off at noon with the first round of Pro Street and Super Street Outlaw and continue through the rest of eliminations. At the day’s conclusion, the NMRA and NMCA will face off in the Super Bowl Shootout for the championship rings. The NMRA leads the battle 3-2 in past seasons, meaning the NMCA competitors will be looking to even the score.

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Eliminations Round One Continued/Round Two Notes

Xtreme Street, Drag Radial, Nostalgia Pro Street, Super Street, and Pro Street

It was a round of attrition in Pro Street as Vinny Demieri (above) pulled around the waterbox and took the tree to gain valuable points while Tony Williams bounced and rattled his way to a 7.27 victory. Dave Hance (below), couldn't get his car to fire, putting a dissapointing cap on a nightmare of weekend for the New York Motorsports team.

The crew from New York leaves the Mustang home and shows up in the Chevy for the NMCA here at Joliet.

Dave Pierce and Rick Blaisdell brought the car to their foot as both pointed every way but straight. In a pedal contest, Blaisdell was able to get his Corvette hooked up first and blasted on throug for the round win.

It doesn't happen very often, but Drag Radial top qualifier Sean Lyon blew the tires off at the hit and that was all Brad Medlock needed as he sailed through to a 7.72, 177 mph win. In another matchup of heavy hitters, Jason Lee never had any steam as he could only watch Andy Manson sail to a 7.72 to advance to the next round.

Kevin Mitchell, who reeled off a 6.87 yesterday in the opening round, got all kinds of sideways while local favorite Nick Scavo marched through to advance on to the next round.

In the second round of Xtreme Street, Enzo Pecchini strapped a holeshot on #1 qualifier Bob Kurgan and was never headed in a big upset win, 8.06 to an off-pace 8.26. Enzo will meet Bill Trovato in the semfinals, while Jamie Stanton will take a competition solo into the final.

Pecchini vents his frustrations about the rules in Drag Radial.

In the semis of Nostalgia Pro Street, Joe Bucaro will meet #1 qualifier Jim Jarrett, while Jeff Colletta and Chuck DeMory Jr. will face off on the other side of the ladder.

In the second round of the Hot Street/Pro Stock category, Keith Courtney edged Mike Curcio 8.68 to 8.79 after an .024 to .045 holeshot advantage for Curcio, while Charlie Booze Jr. bested Don Bowles 8.54 to 8.64. Courtney will face Robbie Blankenship (above) while Booze will take a free trip into the money round.

Dan Stevenson won an exciting semifinal matchup with Alex Viscardi on a holeshot as both drivers took the scenic route to the finish line, 6.41 to a quicker 6.40. In the other half of the semis, Randy Adler laid down another crushing 6.0 with a 6.06 to handle Chris Rini, who left a trail of smoke in the shutdown area.

Alex Viscardi has been so consistent running within a tenth of a second throughout eliminations this weekend. Can he walk away with the Super Bowl ring.

The Nostalgia Pro Street semifinal had some controversy, as Joe Bucaro lit the red bulb but had a time slip that showed a green light, nonetheless Jim Jarrett advanced to the final with a 7.32, where he'll meet Jeff Colletta, who advanced on a red light from Chuck DeMory Jr..

Bill Trovato will have lane choice over Jamie Stanton in the Xtreme Street final his 7.99 defeat of Enzo Pecchini outrunning Stanton's solo 8.37.

Alan Von Ahnen and Gary Duncan will race for all the marbles in Mean Street. Duncan earned a bye in the smis, while Von Ahnen had to work for his pass to the final, beating Don Baskin on a holeshot, .013 to .089 at the tree and 10.03 to 10.00.

Final Round Eliminations

The Pro Street final was exactly the matchup everyone hoped for, as the two strongest cars all weekend lined up for all the marbles. Cementing a stellar weekend at his home track, Randy Adler sailed to a 6.30 at 228.54 mph win as Stevenson lit the red bulb in his Camaro and coasted through.

Another local doorslammer lagend, Nick Scavo, joined Adler in victory lane as he captured the Super Street/Pto Outlaw crown with an easy 10.20 idle down the quarter mile after Brian Hicks' impressive run to the final ended with a dead race car when the tree dropped.

In a matchup of a couple orange '69 Camaro's, #1 qualifier jim Jarrett went wire-to-wire in Nostalgia Pro Street. Jeff Colletta sawed the tree down with a near perfect .002 reaction time, but encountered trouble downtrack and slowed to an 8.63 as Jarrett cruised to a 7.35 at 187.52 lap.

Brad Medlock certainly got the attention of the Drag Radial field as he made the final round with some impressive performances in his first race with the NMRA and NMCA, but it was Maryland winner Andy Manson collecting his second win in the class with a strong 7.74 at 177.63 as Medlock slowed on the top end to an 8.53.

Robbie Blankenship has been the silent killer in Hot Street weekend - staying low key and winning rounds. If consistency is in question, Blankenship went .001 slower in his semi qualifying pass then his winning run against Charlie Booze. At the stripe, Blankenship would barely nudge out Booze with a 8.552 to a 8.588.

Bill Trovato and Jamie Stanton squared once again for the Xtreme Street title and this one was all Trovata, as he got off the line first .029 to .056 and outran Stanton 8.02 to 8.03 in a stellar drag race.

Alan Von Ahnen drove his '79 Mustang to the Mean Street crown over Gary Duncan after grabbing the advantage at both ends of the racetrack, .061 to .070 at the tree and quicker 10.46 at 131.86 to 10.67 at 127.44.

Final rounds – all classes from Open Comp to Pro Street

The NMRA Wins Again, 8-5!

Due to an issue with the original runoff where John Leslie Jr. mistakenly got a .500 tree, the Factory Stock winner and Nostalgia Super Stock champ Douglas Poskevich re-ran their run for the ring. But like the original result where Leslie went red, Poskevich once again took the win as Leslie spun the tires and didn’t have enough steam to get the win, a 12.01 downing an 11.11.

The NMRA nabbed another win as Pure Street champ Brandon Alsept launched wheels up and ran a 10.23 that Mean Street winner Alan Von Ahnen could not catch with his 10.05.

NMCA representative Don Baskin downed Robbie Blankenship in a spectacular heads-up race on a holeshot, an 8.56 edging out a quicker 8.54.

Xtreme Street winner Bill Trovata lined up alongside Real Street winner Dan Baumann, and at the stripe, Trovata was able to run Baumann down after a second and a half head start, running 8.01 to a 9.44.

This one brought down the house as Manson blew the tires off at the hit and it appeared that the young Jeff Lutz Jr., who was the only racer to sign up on the NMCA side, was headed for a huge upset victory. But just past half track his machine erupted in a ball of flame and death smoke and Manson blew back past for the win, 8.11 to 10.79. Lutz is out of the car and okay, but the same can't be said for his engine.

Nostalgia Pro Street representative spotted EFI Renegade winner Brian Mitchell just over a one second advantage, but was late off the line and had a big wiggle at mid-track, allowing Mitchell to cruise on by for the win for the NMRA, 8.53 to a 7.47.

NMCA Super Street winner Nick Scavo was broken and unable to make the call, nor were any alternates available, giving Super Street Outlaw champ John Kolivas a free pass and a win for the NMRA to the tune of a 7.18 at 201 mph.

Mike Murillo rolled back to the line to wage battle for the NMRA in Pro Outlaw 10.5, while Dan Stevenson is back on after Randy Adler encountered mechinical woes and could not return. Murillo has a 6.63 to 6.08 handicap. And chalk up another one in an exciting pairing, as Murill leaves first with an .037 light and both drivers blast on through the scoreboards with Murillo running 6.71 at 221 mph to Dan's off-pace 6.31 at 228 mph.

The NMRA and NMCA match up to go against each other for the Nitto Tire Super Bowl Ring

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