Top-10 New Products Under $200 You’ve Got to Have

Every year, there are thousands of new products worth checking out on the SEMA Show Floor and in the New Products Showcase. This year, we took it upon ourselves to track down some of the coolest new products under $200 that you need to know about. We’ve listed our favorites below, in no particular order.

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1) Russell Adjustable Wrench V Type — Part No. 654410

Let’s face it, there are hundreds of AN wrenches on the market to choose from, but with this new Adjustable V-Type Wrench from Russell Performance, you know you’re getting the utmost quality for your hard-earned money.

Manufactured from high-quality aluminum, this adjustable wrench boasts a V-groove opening, which allows for superior grip on a variety of fittings, a grooved handle that helps prevent over tightening and a unique composite design that helps prevent damage to the finish of aluminum hose ends and fittings. Keep your work precise and clean while taking advantage of the versatility of a good, adjustable AN wrench.

2) BSI Custom Chassis EZ Aline Adjuster — Part No. NA

No one loves disassembling suspension parts to adjust caster, camber or pinion angle on their ride, but for the most part, that is the nature of the beast. But not with the EZ Aline adjuster from BSI Custom Chassis. With this standard and reverse-threaded adjuster, there is no more disassembling of suspension parts needed.

The EZ Aline works by taking the place of the single-threaded rod end in your suspension system, allowing for adjustments to be made right at the EZ Aline rather than by manipulating multiple suspension components. Available in 5/8-inch thread for 1-inch O.D. tubing and 3/4-inch thread for 1 1/4-inch O.D. tubing, the EZ Aline can be used in A-arm and 4-link bar applications.

3) 45-Piece 1/4-inch Slim Head Ratchet/Bit Driver Set –Part No. 81032

When working on cars, we can’t tell you the importance and convenience of having all of the tools you need at your fingertips. That’s exactly what the new 45-piece 1/4-inch Slim Head Ratchet/Bit Driver Set from GearWrench is meant to provide and then some, featuring two ratchets, two ratchet/bit adapters, 30 screwdriver bits, 10 metric sockets and a 4-inch extender.

Working in tight places can be quite a hindrance when it comes to your automotive project, but with the slim and small design of both the 6-inch and 12-inch ratchets, as well as the 9-position locking flex head on each, getting at even the most hidden screw or bolt is made much easier. Have all your small ratchet and bit driver needs covered with this cool new tool set.

4) 5-Piece Pneumatic Body and Panel Set — Part No. 32027

If you’re looking for the ultimate body and panel set for your hot rod bodywork needs, look no further than the new 5-Piece Pneumatic Body and Panel Set from Mayhew Tools. Designed to cut, trim, and otherwise form everything from small light-gauge steel components to full body panels, this 5-piece set proudly made in the USA is a top-notch item to have in your arsenal of automotive tools.

The 5-piece set comes with the Double Cut Body Ripper, which offers dual cutting edges and is ideal for exhaust, chassis and body projects; the Panel Cutter, that’s unique design allows for easier cutting of tight, small radius cuts in chassis, exhaust and body applications; the Panel Slitter, which makes slicing through body panels a breeze; the Slotted Panel Cutter, which boasts leaving a clean/smooth edge with the cut metal curling up through the slot in the cutter for easy removal; and the Sheet Metal Trimmer, which allows for precise trimming without stretch or other distortion, eliminating much of the touch-up grinding needed with other trimmers.

5) Mueller-Kueps XL Clip Lifter Set 3pc. — Part No. 277-023

Pulling those pesky plastic clips and fasteners from interior door panels, trim and behind the dashboard are always a pain. Luckily, there are remedies for this and one of the latest and greatest is the XL Clip Lifter Set from Mueller-Kueps.

Manufactured using durable spring steel with a polished finish and rubber grips that allow for comfortable handling, the new XL Clip Lifter Set promises superior strength and exceptional grip while each lifter is in use. The 3-piece set comes with a 370 x 11mm S-shaped lifter, 245 x 11mm S-shaped lifter and a 250 x 5mm standard straight lifter, all with wedged tips, to meet all of your lifting needs and to aid in pulling even the most difficult clips.

6) Total Control Cold Knife — Part No. WSK-100-001

Looking for a cold knife that exceeds all of your expectations? Look no further than the new Total Control Cold Knife from Monument Tools. Touted as the “world’s most reliable cold knife,” the new tool offers total control while allowing for movement in both cutting directions. The new cold knife doesn’t have any screws, levers, or other components to get hung up on, and boasts the thinnest bracket on the market.

Built right here in the USA, the new Total Control Cold Knife from Monument Tools accepts all standard cold knife blades for convenience and money savings, and even comes with a lifetime warranty.

7) NOTCHEAD Fire Wall Rings — Part No. 4501

The little openings in your vehicle’s firewall used to pass things like heater hose through may be one of the least of your concerns when it comes to building your ultimate ride. But if you’re looking to have everything in your engine bay as top-notch as the rest of your ride, having beautiful firewall rings might be something to consider.

Touted as “not just another rubber grommet,” NOTCHEAD Fire Wall Rings bring a classy finish to your firewall work. Available in three different sizes (1/2-inch, 3/4-inch and 5/8-inch) as well as a variety of finishes, from machined and polished to black anodized, these little rings will have your firewall looking spick-and-span in no time. And to top it all off, each ring comes threaded and with an ABS nut, which allows for adaptation to different thicknesses.

8) Like90 Quick Check Temporary Gloss Simulator — Part No. 10030

Whether you’re looking to get a feel for what a certain paint color will look like under fresh clear coat or you’re trying to color-match the paint on your beloved ride, it can be very beneficial to be able to temporarily simulate a paint finish without leaving any permanent or damaging residue throughout the process. That’s exactly what Like90 Quick Check Temporary Gloss Simulator does, saving you time and money compared to spraying color card after color card with expensive clear coat.

An easy spray-on application, you can use Quick Check on color cards for convenient color matching. The spray stays wet long enough for precise color matching even in hot, dry weather, and then dissipates without any residue so that another color coat can be applied to the same card if the color doesn’t match like you’d like.

Other benefits of Quick Check include no distortion of metallic layers, sprays on the surface evenly, doesn’t have an odor and can even be used to expose hard-to-see paint or body defects on car surfaces.

9) HyperFlex Sander – Half Width — Part No. SAH16XN

Getting that perfect body line, convex, depression or curve is a time-consuming process. The closer to perfect that you want it, the more time will go into forming it. But it doesn’t have to be an unbelievably strenuous process thanks to the HyperFlex Sander from TruFlex Sanders.

Built for precision sanding along curved surfaces, the HyperFlex Sander is equipped with a patented steel backbone that helps the sander maintain a smooth arc rather than conforming to existing surfaces for that perfect body line. It also features a steel base that helps keep the sandpaper in place without stretching or bunching when the HyperFlex device is flexed in any direction.

Available in multiple lengths and widths, the new Half Width size offers precision sanding abilities in tighter quarters for those even trickier body lines.

10) VamPLIERS Long Nose 7.5-inch Screw Extraction Pliers — Part No. VT-001-7LN

If you’ve never gone head-to-head with a rusted, stripped or corroded screw, consider yourself lucky. For the rest of you who have come across the little buggers, having something to remedy the problem is priceless. That’s where VamPLIERS from Vampire Tools enter the picture.

Made of high carbon stainless steel with T-shaped forged handles to prevent the grips from slipping off, the new VamPLIERS 7.5-inch Screw Extraction Pliers offer both vertical and horizontal serrations along the pliers’ surface, all the way down to the tip of the tool. This gives you the maximum amount of grip when working to extract corroded, stripped or rusted screws in your automotive projects. And at 7.5 inches long, the new pliers are perfect for getting at hard-to-reach areas.

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