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Street Muscle’s Favorite Cars From Holley’s Moparty 2022

Many an automotive journalist has referenced an imaginary diety or deities of the vehicular denomination. “The Car Gods,” is what they usually call them. Often stating that they either smiled upon a particular show, build, or builder with strokes of good fortune, like excellent weather or a rare part that pops up at just the right moment for a builder to finish their project.
However, the gods sometimes prove to be fickle and can smite those same shows, cars, and builders – providing them with harrowing trials and tribulations. We’ve all seen those aggrandized television shows full of hyperbole, a la, “we’ve got to finish this build or we’re going to lose the shop!”
In any case, for Holley’s MoParty 2022 at Beech Bend Raceway, it was the former.
For just as a gorgeous Kentucky sunset painted the open skies every color of orange, purple, and pink, the famed General Lee flew through the air in a spectacular display of nostalgic showmanship.
It was as if time slowed down while the big orange Charger hung in the air, well above the top of the announcer’s tower. As if those “Car Gods,” if there is such a thing, decided it was every Mopar enthusiast’s time to enjoy for just a little longer.
For now, we’d like to discuss some of the attractions that brought the thousands of attendees to MoParty in the first place.

Swap Meet

The first thing the Street Muscle team laid their eyes on were the various parts and cars for sale in MoParty’s Swap Meet. Mopar enthusiasts are notoriously picky when it comes to restorations and for those extremely discerning gearheads, only original or NOS parts will do. To make matters more difficult, many of those parts aren’t even re-popped to begin with, so original parts are the only option. But, that treasure hunt is part of the fun, right?

For sale: Complete with barnacles.

Well, MoParty’s swap meet is the perfect place to hunt. In fact, for those in search of an entire project, not just parts, there were even a few of those floating around. Just check out this Coronet we came upon – covered in salt, rust, dust, and barnacles, this big-body Mopar surely has some stories to tell. Still, it ain’t dead yet. It’s just waiting for the next owner to bring it back to life.
If you’re looking for a hard-to-find part or you want to clean out your garage, there’s always next year – you can even become a vendor.

The AutoCross x Grand Champion Challenge

Moparty issues a standing challenge to those that think their rides can tear up the cones. They state, “Do you think your ride handles pretty well? Then put it to the test on the MoParty autocross! The autocross is a low-speed competition designed to highlight the handling, acceleration, and braking of your ride. The wide sweepers, tight hairpins, chicanes, and slalom sections of the course will keep your adrenaline pumping from start to finish. The autocross package includes access to both the Beech Bend autocross course and 3S Challenge course (Sunday), dyno challenge, countryside cruise, and show-n-shine. You’re guaranteed to enjoy a lot of track time over the course of the three-day event.”

We’re not sure what they mean by that, but this thing was tearing it up on the autocross course all weekend.

As we made our way to the MoParty’s Car Show arena, we took a moment to peruse some of the Autocross cars in waiting. We caught them in a rare unattended moment while their pilots were taking part in the driver’s meeting.

Drag Racing Action

If autocross wasn’t enough vehicular action for you, we’ve come to expect major drag racing excitement from MoParty every year! This time was no different. Holley says, “this is where some of the quickest and fastest cars in the country can be found – side-by-side competition on 1,320 feet of asphalt. Experience the ground-pounding action from popular drag racing classes that are sure to have spectators on the edge of their seats! Mopar’s both new and old have the opportunity to battle it out on the historic Beech Bend Raceway for trophies and prizes. Each class receives a winner’s jacket to show off for bragging rights.”

There’s always tons of tire shredding action going on at MoParty.

If that doesn’t get your inner racer juiced-up for some big smokey burnouts, perhaps the photos we grabbed will. Just check out some of our favorites from classes ranging from Grudge Test-N-Tune, Hemi Super Stock, Hemi Outlaw, Mopar Rumble, Mopar Street King, Mopar Vintage Super/Stock, Nostalgia Super Stock, Mighty Mopars Pro, Mighty Mopars Super Pro, 1320 Shootout, Cam Motion True Street, and Stick Shift Shootout.

Dodge Thrill Rides

Dodge’s thrill rides at Moparty are always a massive draw for the thousands in attendance. The line extends for what seems like miles as the adoring Hellcat fans wait patiently for their turn in the passenger seat of a slippling, sliding, screaming Hellcat. If you’re unfamiliar with what Dodge thrill rides are all about, allow us to break it down for you, Barney-style.

The Dodge Thrill Rides were going off all weekend long. The tire change crew definitely got their reps in.

Basically, Dodge brings some of the drivers from its the most amazing experience you can have. You’re getting slung around by professional drivers in dodge’s newest vehicles.The great thing about it is once their in the car, they’re not only getting an exhilirating ride, the drivers are pulling up the performance pages, letting riders see the dyno page, letting them see how much horsepower, torque, rpm, etc., and while they’re doing that, riders are able to see just how comfortable and planted the cars are when subjected to the most extreme driving conditions. soon the realization comes that they’re doing it in a vehicle that’s completely stock with the A/C blasting.
Genius marketing on Dodge’s part if you ask us. Make plans for next year’s show, bring the family, and for now, check out #dodgethrillrides to get redline your excitement level.

Off Road x

One of the new attractions for Moparty 2022 was the Dodge TRX, Hooptie X, and Off-Road Obstacle Course Bonanza. As the name implies, it was an off-road short course for both participants and spectators to enjoy as well as a slower more technical obstacle course for more of your everyday off-road vehicle. This first off-road event for Moparty was met with much fanfare. The event was chock-full of awesome vehicles strutting their stuff – Dodge Ram TRX and Jeeps were tearing up the coarse all weekend long. While the trucks and Jeeps got the best of the course for the most part, the event wasn’t without some vehicular carnage.

That'll buff out...right?

The Street Muscle team tore themselves away from all the Mopar muscle long enough to scope out the dirty festivities and snap a few flicks of that vehicule damage. We’re not late-model truck experts, but we think it’s safe to say, the new TRX is not supposed to look like this. Unfortunately, an airborne TRX pilot found the limitations of their truck’s airbag system upon impact during a quick launch on the short course. In fact, the explosive nature of the airbag exerted enough force to not only blow out the steering wheel and dash pads, but send spiderweb cracks across the entire windshield as well.

The off-road challenge was new for MoParty 2022, but there were plenty of participants.

If you’re interested in checking things out next year, any vehicle can try either course. Holley knows, big tires, floating suspension, and high-priced builds may not be your thing, so they’ll have you covered.  You can bring literally anything as long as it is Mopar/Jeep powered.

Mullet Competition

And what would Moparty be without the annual Mullet Competition? This is where attendees and participants can take part in the age-old tradition of letting their Mississippi mudflaps flap in the wind.

The self-proclaimed King of MoParty. Yup, he chugged it.

Like Holley says, “Business in the front, MoParty in the back!”

We took a few photos of this year’s contest and we must say, we’ve never seen so many Kentucky waterfalls in one place!

Car Show

Of course, we couldn’t wait to get to the car show arena. Where participants get a chance to show off their beloved rides after hours, days, weeks, months – hell, years of wrenching, polishing, and primping. The judges of the show certainly have their work cut out for them because there are tons of classes for participants to enter and compete in. Although, it’s not as stressful as we make it sound. There are all kinds of cars in the car show – those with high-polish paint jobs and those wearing plenty of patina. Check out the gallery of some of our favorites below.

Photo gallery


Our Top Three

We had to give honorable mention to the top-three we chose in attendance though. So, without further ado, here they are.

This killer Roadrunner has been in the same family for generations. Keep an eye out for the forthcoming feature.

Can you believe this paint job was the result of a warranty claim in 1970?

One of the coolest Mopars in attendance wasn't even supposed to be there. They snuck in. Can you tell why?

General Lee Launch

This is what triumph looks like.

Finally, we capped off our stay at Holley’s MoParty by watching the General Lee do its thing with thousands cheering it on. As the sun set on a killer weekend full of Mopar muscle, the General Lee soared through the air and came crashing down. Although it happened in mere seconds, it seemed as if it hung there for hours as we all stood there awe-struck. Don’t worry, it’s just aftermarket Charger skin on top of a Crown Vic chassis.

Mere seconds, but it seemed like forever. The General Lee can still fly.

Until next year…

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