Scott’s Hotrods Unveils The Goodguys G10 Giveaway Truck At PPG Nats

Car Feature - G10From July 11th through the 13th we had the pleasure of taking in the sites, sounds, and smells of the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association’s 17th PPG Nationals. The event was hosted at the Ohio Expo Center which boasted some expansive square footage, making for an endless experience of classic cars, food, aftermarket displays, and everything else you can expect from the cavalcade mustered up by Goodguys.

IMG_7190Every year there are events steeped in national excitement that dot the annual calendar. Goodguys PPG Nationals in Columbus, Ohio is no different. It is one of the headlining shows during the association’s show circuit. During this event the Street Rod of the Year and Street Machine of the Year are announced making it an event that, naturally, draws out some of the nation’s biggest heavy hitters.

The streets surrounding the host hotel for the event are literally filled with families and friends hanging out on lawn chairs touting coolers, music, and food all in anticipation of watching hot rods and musclecars driving to and from the show.

Aside from all that, which you can catch from our recap of the show in the link above, one event that we’d been waiting for all weekend was the much anticipated unveiling of the Goodguys G10 giveaway truck. We were present at the unveiling and got a chance to interview Justin Scott Padfield, owner and operator of Scott’s Hotrods as well as Brycen Smith, foreman and fabricator at the shop. They were nice enough to take time out of their busy schedules that weekend to give us a play by play of how the build was conceived. We were also treated to the details tucked away in this stellar ride. Learn more about Scott’s Hot Rods and the G10 truck below.IMG_7108


Goodguys G10 Specs

  • Model: 1970 Chevy C10
  • Chassis: Custom Scott’s Hotrods chassis
  • Front suspension: Scott’s Hotrods IFS, Wilwood brakes
  • Rear suspension: 4-link, Ridetech Coilovers
  • Rearend: Moser 9-inch, 3.73 gears
  • Engine: Lingenfelter LS3 Crate, Comp Cam, FAST manifold, Ultimate Headers, Spectre piping & air cleaner
  • Transmission: TCI 4L60E
  • Exhaust: Flowmaster
  • Radiator: AutoRad complete core support assembly
  • Eddie Motorsports ’56 Bel Air hood hinges
  • Interior: Black/Basketball Orange by Ron Mangus
  • Gauges and LED lighting: Dakota Digital
  • Paint: PPG Midnight Blue by Palmer’s Customs
  • Scott’s Hotrods Fuel Tank
  • Roof chopped 2-inches
  • Roof height 57-inches
  • Wheel arches raised 2 inches
  • Inner fenders fabbed by Scott’s Hotrods

Scott’s Hotrods, Born From Tenacity And Unshakeable Drive

“Scott’s Hotrods was established in 1996 by Justin Scott Padfield in a small 1,200 square foot facility in Ventura, California. When the shop opened its doors, Justin had less than $2,000.00 in the bank, and only a small handful of jobs lined up. Most of them simply one day bits of fabrication work.”

This excerpt is printed in the shop’s product catalogs. It is a far cry from where Justin and his crew are at today. With any entrepreneurial venture, it takes equal parts ego, drive, and sacrifice to realize a dream. All qualities are ever-present and from our interview with Justin it is this indomitable attitude that has continued to propel Scott’s Hotrods’ success for almost two decades.

“I would rather hire a kid that can learn, than a man that already knows everything. I can teach the kid, but I can’t un-teach the man.” This is the quote that Justin built the foundation of his present team around.

We got a chance to meet some of the guys, and what Justin has formed is a group of hungry young men who are dedicated and passionate about what they do. Day in and day out they are laying the groundwork for future generations.

There is no doubt that the success of Scott’s Hotrods is woven in with the success of sourcing a team of talented individuals who constantly seek to raise the bar amongst our industry’s builders. IMG_7161

Ultimate Headers Gives Us The Lowdown On Their Involvement

There are obviously a lot of aftermarket sponsors who were involved with this build. We wanted to get a couple of words from Jim Browning of Ultimate Headers whose header setup was installed on the G10. “I called Justin Padfield and I sent him out the header and it fit. I sent him the clamp and he loved it so I sent that out as well. We gave them the materials and we’re expecting a lot of exposure from the G10 with 19 events in the Goodguys circuit and it coming back to Ohio next year.”Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 4.28.48 PM

You can check out our visit with Ultimate Headers during the PPG Nationals here. Not only is Ultimate Headers leading the header market with a standard of quality that matches the expectations of the likes of Justin Padfield, they have also been busy expanding their product offerings from the LS to the Small-Block Chevy platform. They’re currently hard at work developing products for the Ford and Chevy Big-Block to be released in the very near future as well, so stay tuned for that! Check out the full interview in the link above.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 4.28.16 PM

Roof top shots courtesy of Goodguys Rod & Custom Association

Along with Ultimate, the following aftermarket companies all helped with their invaluable contributions: Ron Mangus Interior, LMC Trucks sheet metal, PPG Midnight Blue paint and prep by Palmer’s Customs, a Lingenfelter LS3 with FAST injection, TCI 4L60E Transmission, Billet Specialties Bonneville wheels, Ridetech Coilovers, Diamond Back Classic Tires, Wilwood brakes, Advanced Painting bright work, Dakota Digital Gauges and LED lighting, Flowmaster exhaust, AutoRad core support, Eddie Motorsports hood hinges, and Coastal Driveline driveshaft.

An In-depth Look At The G10 With Brycen Smith & Justin Padfield

Brycen, the shop’s foreman and fabricator gave us the lowdown on the build. “Me and another one of our guys, Cody Smith, pretty much did all the metal fab as far as the sheet metal work. Our chassis builder, Severy Blake, built the chassis, and our other production guys did things like build the control arms and suspension components. Everything was done in-house.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 4.32.03 PMOne of the ways that Scott’s Hotrods maintains its quality control is by keeping all of the production centered around the main shop and their CNC/machine shop in Camarillo. In a business sense this ensures the most efficiency, communication, and transparency when it comes to getting projects out the door and into the hands of customers without any hitches.

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association approached Scott’s Hotrods in July of 2013 about taking over the Goodguys G10 project. Brycen explained, “At that time they already had most of the plans mapped out for the truck as far as the basic ideas of what they were going for. But then it was up to us to turn those plans into a reality.” He continued, “We started on the truck, officially, the beginning of September. It’s been a full time build since then.”IMG_7183

After Brycen ran through the specs of the truck, Justin was able to share some of his insight and feelings surrounding the G10, “It would have been super great if we had the full build term–that year and a half, two year build time that other builders have been given in the past. It wasn’t because Goodguys said, ‘no, we’re not giving you that time,’ but because the vehicle was at another shop for a year and some change before we got it.”

Justin continued, “We were approached by Goodguys in 2013 during GNRS and they asked us how low we could get a C10 to sit on the chassis. We told them as low as they want.”

At the time, Justin was under the impression this was a personal build, but a week after their initial conversation Goodguys contacted Scott’s Hotrods and asked if they’d like to take on the build and see the project through. The catch? It had to be done by PPG Nationals 2014.

Goodguys had given Justin an anticipated delivery date of the truck by end of July 2013, that left about a 10 month build time for the crew at Scott’s Hotrods.Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 4.29.06 PM

The folks at Goodguys knew of the shop’s reputation and though a build time like this was daunting, they were confident that if Justin and his guys decided to take it on, it would be nothing less than stellar. “You built an AMBR winning car in 13 months from scratch, another AMBR car in 15 months from scratch, and a truck in 90 days,” said the individual from Goodguys to Justin.

IMG_7171The G10 truck was, as Brycen stated earlier in the interview, a full time build. There was a lot missing from the truck and a lot of wrong components were outfitted on it at the time. Justin commented that it was important for him and his crew to give this build their all–everything was done to a meticulous standard.

Justin told us, “This truck is going to be seen by a million people minimum, in person through Goodguys events, SEMA, Barrett-Jackson, plus the magazine media, and online presence. Myself, my guys, we can’t be present at every show this truck goes to. And as everybody’s a critic in this industry, I want everyone who sees this truck to look at it and say, ‘wow.’”

Justin spoke more on the shop’s build standard and the importance of delivering the perfect product, “We could have easily taken that truck and done it half-assed, in a sense, like some of the past builders out there. We could have left the rust there and primered it up. There were some things that were done on the truck that just didn’t look right, so we redid it. And again, we could have just passed it and said it’s a giveaway truck, who cares? Well, at the end of the day, me and my guys, we all care.”

The biggest thing that Justin left us with is that, “Down from the person counting bolts, to the person who ships parts, to the people in the front office, it’s 100% a team effort. It used to be a one man band wagon for me back in the day when I used to live in my shop for four years and worked from 5:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. in the morning. Not anymore. It’s impossible for me to run my business with just one person nowadays.”

My motto is creativity, engineering, and workmanship. You can have that in anything you do in life and be successful at it. -Justin Padfield, Scott’s Hotrods

Justin is a man who’s built a reputation for himself and moulded his success out of the encouragement and criticism that comes from the industry–or any industry for that matter. He is a shining example of what it takes to rise above the pleasantries, facades, and array of feedback that competitors and admirers alike are quick to deal out. At the end of the day he and his team have each other’s back and it is through their camaraderie that they are able to achieve their successes and pull automotive miracles day in and day out.

We were left with some last words by Justin, “My motto is creativity, engineering, and workmanship. You can have that in anything you do in life and be successful at it.” We look forward to seeing more of Scott’s Hotrods’ work in the future. Be sure to check out the exclusive gallery below.IMG_7194

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