A Killer Bee And A Beautiful Queen: Corinne Cascioppo

Street Legal TV would like to present to you Corinne Cascioppo, our May Babe Of The Month. But let’s talk about the beast before we talk about the beauty. The fifth-generation of the Dodge Coronet powered its way into the muscle car scene with a hint of design and limited production. The introduction of the Dodge Super Bee in 1968 was a pivotal move from Dodge in their attempts to make a more affordable high-performance muscle car.

Notably, the origin of “Super Bee” is based on the car’s “B” body designation related to Chrysler’s other mid-sized cars that included both the Charger and Road Runner. With the first generation production of the Coronet Super Bee ending in 1970, the coveted muscle car has become a rare find for its huge engine under the hood.

It’s not just super, it’s a straight killer.

However, we bring you a Coronet Super Bee that has been polished and customized to the tee. Owned by California resident John Perez, his Super Bee fell into his hands on a lucky bid during an auction.

“The story behind the car was that there was a US Customs seizure auction and during the auction they were selling the cars,” Perez said. “The Super Bee came up and the bidding started to fizzle at $15,000, so I ended up bidding on it and getting it for $18,000 in the condition that it’s currently in. It was a fluke buy, but a fortunate one for me. Luck favors the prepared as I happened to have $19,000 so had the bidding gone higher I would have lost.”

Although Perez did not build the car, he plans for further upgrades in hopes to make the “Killer Bee” ready for competition racing. Perez would like to thank Bob Mazzolini Racing, MAC High Speed Performance garage, Westech Performance, and Minor Auto Care for all their help and continued support with the Super Bee.

The attention to detail on this Super Bee puts this car in a league of its own.

John Perez’ 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee Specifications

Engine: 440 cubic-inch V8 with Indy aluminum heads and manifold
Transmission: A727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission
Brakes: Front and Rear Wilwood brakes
Internals: Quick Fuel Technology 1150 cfm carburetor and an MSD ignition system
Power Output: 518 HP @ 6,200 RPM, 566 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,200 RPM

Custom from head to toe, this Super Bee is slowly being prepped for competition racing.

Meet Corinne Cascioppo:

Name: Corinne Cascioppo
Age: 25
Hometown: Placerville, CA & Temecula, CA
Height: 6’3″
Ethnicity: German, Irish, and Scandinavian
# of Tattoos: 12
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown-ish/Green
Occupation: Artist, Chocolatier, and Forest Dweller
Instagram: @corinnecy

Corinne arrived with ferocity and beauty to the set.

Questions and Answers with Corinne:

Street Legal TV: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Corinne Cascioppo: I love life and strive to be well rounded with a lot of talents and attributes.

Corinne and The Killer Bee.

In my artistry, I create concert posters for metal & heavy psych bands.

Also, I work as a head chef at a small health food store where I created my own chocolate company called Seed Of Life. When I’m not there, I’m either at a concert, reading and studying, or going out to explore some mountainous or desert area and escape suburbia for a while.

SLTV: Tell us about your first car, what you currently own, and any modifications you have done to either of them.

CC: My first car was a 96 Toyota RAV4, that car was one badass little golf cart. I took her up mountains and through deserts and truly miss having a 4-wheel drive truck. Now I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta, which I just bought and it already has clutch issues. However, I’m saving up for a Jeep that will have big tires guaranteed.

Beauty and the Beast.

SLTV: What is the car of your dreams?

CC: I have a few actually. For muscle cars, it’s always been a 70 Chevy Chevelle SS in a deep purple color. It’s been my dream car ever since I was a kid when I used to go to car shows with my grandpa. He has one now, but he never lets me drive it!

I’ve also always wanted a VW bus — one that I could camp out of for a while and travel up the California coast without worrying it would break down on me would be nice. Ideally, it would be painted a two-tone cream white and olive/lime green. But more practically I want a Jeep Wrangler, and that needs to happen sooner rather than later.

Envying all that power under the hood of the Killer Bee.

SLTV: If you owned your dream car, what would you do to it? Any specific modifications?

CC: Owning a Jeep Wrangler I would make it off-road ready, lifted with huge, yet practical tires.

Corinne getting comfortable with the Killer Bee.

SLTV: When you’re out and about, what kind of car catches your eye?

CC: Big beastly Jeeps and Land/Range Rovers. It drives me crazy when I see them being driven by perfectly manicured women. You know they’re never going to take that thing off-road and it’s a damn shame!

SLTV: What do you prefer, driving fast and loud or cruising low and slow?

CC: Cruising loud, high up and slow.

SLTV: Describe to us what a typical weekend is like for you?

CC: I’m either at a concert or on top of a mountain somewhere!

The Killer Bee rests gracefully with Corinne in close company.

SLTV: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

CC: Honestly, I would choose flying or teleportation.

SLTV: What’s one thing you can’t live without?

CC: It’s actually several things: coffee, cacao, spring water, minerals and music.

SLTV: Who do you look up to in life?

CC: I look up to a lot of musicians and artists. I search for people who have created something that inspires others to see the beauty in truth in life. This includes philosophers, scientists, healers and beautiful people.

SLTV: What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

CC: Music is my one true love, and my tastes are always changing. Currently, I’ve been into a lot of stoner/doom metal. Om, a psych rock band is my favorite band of all time.

But the classics like Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Pink Floyd are always on rotation. I also collect vinyls, owning over 500 and still growing.

Corinne graced the Killer Bee with seduction.

SLTV: Tell us about your favorite food(s).

CC: I enjoy Thai, Indian, & Afghani food. But honestly, I could probably live off chips and salsa and fresh fruit.

SLTV: What’s your favorite beverage(s)?

Lurking low yet sitting mean.

CC: Craft beers, Mead, Whiskey & Palomar Mountain spring water.

SLTV: What is your favorite movie genre, your favorite movie, and what movie has stood out to you the most?

CC: I like documentaries usually and quirky independent films with awesome soundtracks are cool too, but I don’t watch much television to begin with. My favorite movies are Almost Famous, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and Indiana Jones.

SLTV: If there was a zombie apocalypse happening, tell us step-by-step what you would do:

CC: A smart person with survival as a top priority never trusts anyone with the details of their plans. But it would involve going to a remote wilderness area with access to clean water.

Corinne felt at home with the Killer Bee in arms reach.

SLTV: What would you never eat unless someone gave you $1 Million dollars?

CC: I would never eat McDonalds or any other fast food restaurant unless I was paid to do so.

SLTV: Tell me about your dream travel destination(s).

CC: New Zealand, Samoa, and any other Polynesian islands in the South Pacific. Also, I would like to travel to Norway, Finland, and Iceland to learn more about Norse culture and also attend heavy metal shows. After that, I’d head to South America to visit shamans in the rainforest, and lastly Egypt to see the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau!

SLTV: What are your pet peeves with guys? What are your pet peeves with girls? What are your pet peeves in general?

CC: It annoys me when short men come up to me at bars and drunkenly gawk at my height. It annoys me when girls wear band shirts that they don’t even listen to because it’s in style to look like you’re a Metalhead.

And I hate traffic more than anything, it’s like dying a slow painful death. I would rather take the long and scenic route through windy hills and valleys than sit on the freeway.

Corinne and the Killer Bee made for a deadly combination.

SLTV: What do you look for in a guy?

CC: Tall(er than me) with long hair and/or bearded. He has to be adventurous, positive, compassionate, and intelligent with a great taste in food and music.

SLTV: What do you think about the car you modeled and took pictures with?

CC: I absolutely loved both of them. I grew up loving 70’s muscle cars and a Chevy Nova SS has been a dream car of mine! Seeing one on the drag strip with those big ol’ tires got my heart racing.

And I’ve never seen a Dodge Super Bee in person, so I was really excited to hang out with that babe of a car for a while. I felt like a badass just being in the same room as it.

Corinne arrived with nothing but respect and envy for classic muscle cars.

SLTV: What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?

CC: Most people wouldn’t know that I played college volleyball for the University of Hawaii and when I was a sophomore, we went to The Final Four NCAA championships. I have a ring and a trophy and we were on ESPN. It was a highlight of my volleyball career!

SLTV: Would you ever consider modeling full-time?

CC: Hell yes I would. It was fun and easy money. I would love to get paid to look sexy all the time.

Corinne poses with attitude next to the Killer Bee.

SLTV: Tell us your favorite thing about modeling.

CC: Having fun with the crew, being a badass babe around badass cars all day, and getting paid for it.

SLTV: Can you outline your past portfolio of modeling work?

CC: This was my first modeling gig ever, so no portfolio. This is a good start to it though!

SLTV: What advice can you give to your fellow women that strive to get into modeling, but aren’t sure how to take the first step?

CC: Well, since I am extremely new to this, the best advice I can give is just to have fun with it! Be free, you are beautiful & always live your truth!

SLTV: Are there any individuals that you’d like to thank?

CC: I would like to thank my sister Kelli for getting me this gig. I would also like to Terra Shelton for helping me with my hair, makeup and the shoot’s creative direction. I couldn’t have done it and been as good as I was without you girl!

I’d also like to thank the photographer, videographer & everyone else at Power Automedia who worked on the shoot, and thanks again for the sushi that day! Shout out to Electric Wizard for providing the music and inspiration. And most importantly, I’d like to thank my mom who is the most patient with me, and my grandfather for introducing making me fall in love with 70s muscle cars.

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