Corvette Mike Offers This Low-Mileage Collection Of Corvettes

With a combined mileage of all seven cars equaling just a grocery-run over 4,000 miles, this low-mileage offering brings a lot of history with little wear. Corvette Mike in Anaheim, California has secured these cars from a single collector, and is offering them individually, or as a set.

The complete set carries with it some very desirable and rare Corvette history from both the C4 and C6 generations. Some of the great RPOs (Regular Production Options) from both eras are contained within this one collection, and since they have such low mileage, they are great representations of each one in their own right.

Built To Speed

To the untrained eye, the R9G package looks very common, save for two, small air ducts between the side mirrors and the door glass.

The oldest car of the group is a Quasar Blue Metallic 1990 R9G. Looking very pedestrian with its factory Tune-Port and six-speed, this car is actually built to run with the best. In 1988 and 1989, Chevrolet built Corvettes specifically for the “Corvette Challenge”, which put all of the cars within the same spec, and a reliance on the driver’s abilities and luck would decide between a win or not. The Corvette Challenge was a wildly-successful two-year endeavor. For 1990, with Chevrolet ready to release its new ZR-1 to the world, focus switched to building cars for SCCA’s World Challenge Series under the RPO R9G.

Getting the R9G package race-ready was left to the race teams. Chevrolet only provided the base vehicle, unlike the previous two-years, where race-prepped engines were installed at the factory. Ordering an R9G Corvette was left up to specific race teams and there was a one-week window to get your order in before the RPO curtain fell forever.

The R9G option supplied the donor car with a set list of options which included heavy-duty (Z51) springs with FX3’s adjustable suspension. Any modifications for racing was left specifically up to the race teams. These cars were only available for one week, and only 23 cars were produced. Many, like this one, wound up in collections, while a few did go on to race. This car is the only one produced in Quasar Blue and is offered with a race engine. With only 484 miles on the odometer, it’s like it just left the factory.

Ruby Red-Liner

The 40th Anniversary package blends well with the wider body and wheels of the ZR-1.

Just a few years later, the ZR-1 was going strong, and this Ruby Red one was rolling out of the Bowling Green Assembly plant. Of course, this car is a horse of a different color, with its high-winding LT5 engine that was engineered by the folks at Lotus and built by Mercury Marine in Stillwater, Oklahoma. While its wider haunches and various ZR-1 badging lets you know it’s the King Of The Hill, the sound of an LT5 at full-song is truly mesmerizing.

The ZR-1 featured a wider rear fascia and wheels to try and contain those 405 horses inside the high-revving, quad-cammed LT5 engine.

Corvette was celebrating 40 years of production, and this car comes dipped in that celebratory shade of Ruby Red (RPO Z25) with the accompanying 40th appliques both inside and out. With only 530 miles, this car is in showroom condition and features both painted and clear tops.

The Grand Exit

The Grand Sport package was available in coupe and convertible. Note the fender flares on the coupe to accommodate the wider tires.

In 1996, the buying public was aware that a vastly-different, new generation of Corvette was on the horizon. Sound familiar? To help boost sales for the C4 Corvette’s final year, Chevrolet tapped into Corvette’s race-worthy history and brought back the Grand Sport.

This generation wasn’t quite as “race ready” as the originals were back in ’63, but they were very capable with their LT4 engines. Available in non-Grand Sport Corvettes as well, the LT4 brought 330 horsepower and was only available with manual transmissions, likely due to the requisite Dana 44 rear differential that was automatically paired with the 6-speed trans.

The LT4 engine option was in all Grand Sports and select other ’96 Corvettes. All LT4 engines had red intakes and “Grand Sport” on their throttle bodies.

Corvette was also available in coupe and convertible fashion for its final year and this Admiral Blue duo features both forms. With just over 1,500 miles between the both of them, these cars have been well preserved for their next care-taker(s).

Track Star Car

There were two special-edition Corvettes offered for 2009 production, the GT1 Championship Edition and the Competition Sport Edition. While the GT1CE car was decked with colorful livery celebrating Corvette’s various championship wins, the Competition Sport version put handling and track-capability at the forefront and limited exterior colors to Blade Silver and Black.

Performance was the theme of the CSR Corvette. The dry-sump LS7 and carbon fiber bits kept things light and powerful.

Competition Sport Corvettes were designed for the occasional autocross or track-day enthusiast, and were available in both Z06 and Z51 coupe configurations. Both cars featured performance options such as a differential cooler, NPP exhaust and heads-up display. The Z51 cars featured an LS3 with 436 horsepower, while the Z06 cars ran full-force with 505 ponies from the LS7.

This Z06 is one of only 72 CSR Corvettes built in ’09, and one of the ten Z06s built in Blade Silver. Beyond the go-fast goodies, CSR Corvettes also featured special “CSR” badging, Corvette Racing pedals from Genuine Corvette Accessories and racing style numbers based on the car’s build sequence which were to be installed by the customer.

The CSR Corvettes were track-ready and featured numbers that could be applied by the customer.

This car hasn’t seen much track time, with only 46 miles on the odometer, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t, as these cars really were intended to be driven. Understandably, this one won’t see many apexes, but thankfully, there are many other Z06s available to fill that need.

Blue Devil Redux

Remember when rumors of the “Blue Devil” were infiltrating the interwebs, and then, when the car finally made the light of day as the newest iteration of the ZR1 RPO? We had all seen the ZR1 by the time this car rolled off the line in 2011, but it’s Supersonic Blue is also striking, and with 638 horsepower, its performance is just as breathtaking.

Supercharging found its way under the ZR1 Corvette's hood and Chevrolet put a window there to show it off.

This car comes nicely equipped with its 3ZR Premium Equipment Group and chrome ZR1 wheels. You low-mileage connoisseurs can surely appreciate its 838 miles on the odometer found deep within the Ebony/Titanium interior.

A Farewell Combo

Chevrolet isn’t against using “Collector Editions” to help boost sales during a generation’s final days of production and the C6 generation may just be the best offering yet. More than simply a color and logo upgrade, the 2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427 60th Anniversary Convertible not only has the longest description, but it melds some of the greatest offerings of the entire generation. Corvette Mike’s Mike Vietro said it best, “In my humble opinion, the powers to be of the GM design studio should be applauded for executing such a dramatic influence on the Corvette Collector world.”

The 505 horsepower LS7 was previously, only available in the coupe-only Z06. Folks who wanted the wind in their hair had to choose between ultimate power or drop- or pop-top, as the Z06’s hard roof panel was not removable for structural reasons. Then, along comes this beauty of a blend, which DOES feature the amazing, dry-sumped, 7L powerhouse, made available by utilizing the rigid steel frame from the “base” convertible. To help keep the additional weight at bay, the ‘vert version used much of the Z06’s feather-weight carbon body bits throughout the build. Oh, and by the way, did we mention it was a convertible! While it may not be welcome tearing up the track without a roll cage, many enthusiasts could now enjoy the best of both worlds on the street.

Part of the 60th Anniversary package were some special treatments including 60th badging, an Arctic White exterior with Silver Pearl graphics and Blue Diamond, leather-wrapped interior.

Since this car is part of the “Low Mileage Collection” you can bet it carries that theme with only 597 miles on the clock. Whether carried on as a low-mileage example or handed over as a near-fresh driver to its next owner, this car is sure to please, whether the owner wishes to either show or go.

All of these cars were highlighted in Corvette Mike’s Thundering Thursday newsletter that is sent out each Thursday. You can sign up for this newsletter here.

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