Peregrine Automotive to Debut 900HP Revenge Mustang GT in Monterey 

Peregrine Automotive has pulled off the best troll I have ever seen. They have created the most questionable platform to share information about the debut of its 2019 Revenge GT at Exotics On Broadway – formerly Exotics on Cannery Row – held during Monterey Car Week, August 17th, 2019. 

Based on Ford’s 2019 Mustang GT, the aftermarket customization company says the Revenge GT is rated with 900 horsepower and features a complete carbon fiber widebody. Those with $139,000 sitting around can volunteer to become one of 35 total coupes to adorn the Revenge GT kit. 

“Anyone can make horsepower, but without proper engineering, design, and performance, the power is worthless,” the builders’ website says. It adds that due to the lightweight carbon body of the Revenge GT and its “track-inspired handling,” the car attains super and hypercar levels of performance that go unrivaled.  

The website details how the “once fictional concept” became a tangible, and driveable, car. Starting with renderings and clay models that served as a rough draft before it was scanned and then refined by Ford engineers. It states that master parts were created from the scans, which ultimately contributed to the widebody carbon fiber molds, capable of withstanding high temperatures and vacuum needed to make quality carbon fiber, according to Peregrine. 

The years of research and development that went into the project led Peregrine Automotive to become the only modifier, they say, to supply a full widebody and quarter panel, made entirely of carbon fiber. They claim that “most other widebodies offered for Mustangs are either primitive bolt-ons, molded flares or made of fiberglass.” 

But for something advertised as a complete carbon fiber conversion with a $139,000 price tag, you would expect that the doors, trunk lid, and roof also be made of carbon fiber. Curiously the company does not replace those components. Instead, they remain stock. 

According to the builder, carbon fiber was the material of choice because of its lightweight characteristics, its durability, and because the company finds it is easy to mold the material into the many complex shapes and surfaces that make the Revenge GT styling. 

Once the majority of the car’s body panels are replaced with carbon fiber, the builder says the car is custom painted “to any possible color preferred by the client.” Given the endless possibilities, Peregrine Automotive says, “no two cars will be the same color.” The builder also notes that custom paint is free for black doner cars. However, there will be an additional cost for color changes on non-black cars. 

If you love carbon fiber and want to leave some components unpainted, no worries, the builder says any exposed carbon can be finished in matte, satin, or gloss but there is no mention of if the carbon fiber used to create the body panels is a 2×2 twill weave, plain or 1×1 weave, or if it is wet or dry carbon. 

According to the builder, once the body is fitted and painted, every Revenge GT conversion gets a new leather interior. The website notes that “if requested in advance, custom color leather and stitching can be made to order. Not only this, but extra stamping and embroidery can be optioned in advance for an extra charge of $500.” 

The builder says to get the advertised 800 horsepower out of the car’s stock 5.0L Coyote, the engine is topped with a Stage 2, 3.0-liter Whipple Supercharger and given a custom tune. As if you weren’t sold on the car already, the website advertises that “the car is legal in all 50 states. Though, 800 horsepower is not the limit. You can order your Revenge GT with a few hundred more.” 

To make use of the power, the Revenge GT comes with “custom” 20-inch forged aluminum wheels from Forgeline wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires, sized 345/30/20 in the rear and 295/35/20 up front. 

The car relies on a set of Brembo brakes to stop all the power. But these aren’t just your factory Brembos. Developed exclusively for Peregrine Automotive to fit the Revenge GT, Brembos of this size have never been designed explicitly for a Mustang GT, until now. The front set utilizes 6-piston calipers with 405x34mm drilled rotors, and 4-piston calipers with 380x28mm drilled rotors comprise the rear. The builder says replacing the stock brakes with these promises a car that can slow down even faster than it can speed up, which is both much more fun and much safer. It’s also important to note that Brembo high-performance racing brake fluid is included. 

Other options that can be added for an additional price include Kooks long-tube headers for an extra $2,685. The builder suggests the headers will give you a “50 horsepower gain at the top end of the powerband,” and for an additional $819 you can add a ceramic coating to them. 

A “race-grade” exhaust upgrade from MagnaFlow can be added to gain an additional 10 horsepower for $1,463. The builder says, “your neighbors are in for a treat. This custom designed and manufactured by MagnaFlow exhaust only fits on the Revenge GT and may be one of the loudest exhausts they’ve made. Heavily inspired by race cars, good luck driving in your neighborhood with this one.”

For Revenge GTs running stickier tires and drag racing, the builder says you will want to upgrade the half-shafts as they will “handle increased torque better and are more likely to last the life of the car than the stock half-shafts are.” Add $2,048 to the build bill. 

By far, my favorite part of the entire description of the car and its options is the one for its $925 lowering springs. 

“For improved handling and enhanced aesthetic, there’s no bigger bang for your buck than lowering springs. Dropping the Revenge GT around 1 inch, the car rides and looks better.” 

For an extra $4,140, those interested can option their Revenge GT with the “Ultimate Suspension Upgrade.” You might be wondering, what exactly is that? According to the builder, it is a track-ready set up that will dramatically increase the handling response and ensure minimal subframe movement. 

The builder says this upgrade is ideal for those that plan to track their converted Revenge GT, or just want to enjoy it to the full extent on a curvy road. “At an unbeatable price comes replaced vertical links, subframe support braces, rear toe links, bushing support, and upgrade upsized front and rear sway bars, an additional front k-member brace, and so much more. 

Additionally, you can upgrade to a carbon fiber driveshaft from QA1 for $1,930, which, the builder says, helps accelerate from 0-60 faster, and because it is lighter and stronger than the stock driveshaft, “it allows for more horsepower to reach the wheels in a shorter amount of time. Though the engine is making the same power, the amount of power to the wheels is increased, and the time it takes to get to them is decreased. It’s a win-win.” 

Last but certainly not least, the final option offered is a $500 upgrade to the Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. 

The builder says: “Nowhere for such a small price increase can you upgrade your Pilot Sport 4s’s to Cup 2s. With the Cup 2s come better acceleration and handling, as they are much stickier than the 4s’s that come with the Revenge GT conversion. Not ideal for wet weather use.” 

In the fine print, the company says the Revenge GT body conversion can be applied to any 2018-2020 Mustang, but for maximum performance and enjoyment, Peregrine Automotive suggests supplying a donor Mustang with the options below. 

2018-2020 Mustang ideal options ranked:

  1. GT Premium (5.0L V8)
  2. Black Paint (to take advantage of free paint) 
  3. 10-speed automatic transmission (for faster acceleration and lap times) 
  4. Magneride dampening response system
  5. 401A Package (12-inch digital dash) 
  6. Active Valve performance exhaust 
  7. GT Performance package 
  8. Ford Safe & Smart package
  9. Rear spoiler delete

It will be interesting to see the reactions when a nearly $200,000 Mustang GT is unveiled amidst a sea of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other exotics on August 17th during Monterey Car Week. 

For more information, see Peregrine Automotive.  

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