‘56 Dodge Power Wagon Comes With Awesome For Sale Ad

Selling a car is never an easy proposition. Once you have dealt with the emotional overload of parting with a mechanical friend, there is the actual effort of finding a buyer for your vehicle. If you’re selling a Toyota Camry, no problem, there is a huge market for those cars. But a vehicle like the 1956 Dodge Power Wagon takes a special sort of buyer.

Of course, the person trying to sell such a vehicle must be pretty special themselves. So when we came across this for sale ad over on the Hemmings Classified page, we just had to share. This guy must be a salesman, because he really knows how to sell this Power Wagon!

The for sale ad starts off innocent enough. “If you’re reading this, we probably don’t need to explain why this 1956 Dodge Power Wagon is an exceptional vehicle. You saw the picture and you just couldn’t resist clicking, right?” The seller goes on to detail the history of this truck as a fire engine, forest truck, before being sort of, kind of restored (but not really).

Then it continues. “For the uninitiated, the Dodge Power Wagon still makes a bold statement more than 70 years after it was introduced, and it looks like it could climb the side of Mount Everest without a Sherpa.” A bold statement to be sure, and the seller goes on to note that this is one of just 49 1956 Power Wagons with the Willock Swivel Frame option. On top of that the seller adds that “I’m also pretty sure that it eats cats and other small animals that wander too close. Either way, this truck is impressive as hell.”

The ad goes on and on, which says to us that this guy REALLY liked his Power Wagon. The asking price is $19,900, which for a truck this awesome is a bargain price. The ad ends on this gem, though we recommend reading the whole piece; it is thoroughly entertaining and totally worth a 5 minute read.

“It’s about as subtle as a 2×4 to the forehead, but man, sometimes even a 2×4 to the forehead can really be a rush.” Well said brother, well said.


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