1968 Mustang Still A Daily Driver At 823K Miles

There was once a time in America where new cars weren’t expected to last much longer than three or four years tops. Then it was off to the dealership to buy another new car, 50,000 miles called for an overhaul of the engine and transmission, and keeping a car for 100,000 miles was unheard of . But not everybody got the memo, like Carol Marini, who has racked up more than 823,000 miles on her 1968 Mustang since she bought it brand new all those years ago.

carol marini, 4/24/08The Daily Republic reports that even though Marini has gone through many personal tribulations, losing almost everything to a Ponzi scheme, she has held onto hope, and her Mustang, which still serves as her everyday driver. It’s an inspiring story, and one you could play an important role in.

When Marini bought the Mustang for $3,200 back in March of 1968 with her then-husband, it was lime-green, and she had no plans on keeping it this long. After engine fires, transmission failures, and numerous rot and brake repairs, the Mustang has managed to survive it all alongside Carol, who considers the car to be her closest friend.

Divorce, financial woes, and other problems have weighed heavily on Marini in recent years, and when times were toughest she’d get in the Mustang and just drive. WIth the 50th anniversary of the Mustang fast approaching, Marini is hoping to find a few generous sponsors to help her partake in one of the Mustang cruises heading for one of the celebrations in Las Vegas.


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