2014-viperFor a Mopar car enthusiast, the SRT Viper is just about as good as it gets. This world-class supercar packs a 640 horsepower V8, a sleek and aerodynamic body, backed by a suite of technology that makes even some European supercars envious. There isn’t a whole lot of room for improvement short of some crazy forced-induction that would push power to 800 ponies or beyond.

That is why for 2014, the SRT Viper gets only a handful of improvements and changes, including two new color options and a much-needed “Rain Mode” that the Chrysler blog reports helps temper the Viper in wet condition.

2014-viper-1Chrysler really wants to emphasize the Viper’s racing credentials, and to that end they’ve introduced two new color palletes based on their American Le mans racing efforts. The Viper GTS-R wears a color called Billet Silver, which is now an option for the standard production models, as is GTS-R Blue, which replaces Shadow Blue Pearl. Viper GTS buyers opting for the Anonized Carbon Special Edition will get a unique matte black finish.

The other big news is the all-new Rain Mode, designed to reel in the Viper’s 600 ft-lbs of torque on both wet and dry roads. The new driving mode lets the traction control system intervene more aggressively on the driver’s behalf should things get a bit too slippery. It’s essentially a higher level of traction control than the historically rowdy Viper has known, helping infrequent driver’s keep their Chrysler sports car out of the ditch.

Maybe a few years from now, Chrysler will feel the forced induction itch, but for now a couple of new colors and a safer driving mood should be good enough.