A $30 Million Chevy Nova 9/11 Tribute Car

million-nova-3Prior to the economic recession, the prices for collector cars started to soar out of control, reach ridiculous heights just before the whole house of cards came crashing down. These days the prices of select collectibles are gaining traction again, although the price of your plain-jane muscle car has remained closer to Earth. Most people have gotten the message.

memorialMost people, but certainly not everyone. Richard Lopez, owner of an airbrushed 1975 Chevy Nova that serves as a rolling tribute to 9/11, has posted a classified ad to Hemmings magazine, which got play on Hemmings Auto Blog as well. His asking price? A jaw-dropping $30 million, which would make this humble Nova the most valuable car in the world by a factor of three.

The Nova is airbrushed with scenes from September 11th, 2001, and also includes the faces and key characters in that tragic play, and, well, frankly it doesn’t look so great. Lopez created the car to “educate” people about 9/11 and pay tribute to the heroes of that awful day, which is all well and good. Why he choose to have Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein added to the mural is, however, a question we’d like to ask.

But apparently, nowhere in the full-page Hemmings ad does Lopez say what he plans on doing with that money. Furthermore, even the most generous estimate of the value of the Nova, objectively speaking, puts it at no more than $10,000. It’s neither a desirable nor rare car, and adding a (poorly) spray-painted image of a tragic and bloody day in American history doesn’t make it any more valuable. There have been plenty of 9/11 tribute cars, and none of them came even close to the kind of money Lopez is asking. No car has.

Then again, not every car has a cutting edge website that takes us back to the era of geocities.


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