Canadian Craft Brewer Delivers Beer With Vintage Vehicles

retro-1There’s been a huge movement in many industries to embrace “green energy” as both a publicity stunt with an environmentally-conscious public, and a means to save money. Canadian craft beer specialists Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto, Canada, have applied environmentally-conscious methodologies to every aspect of their business, from relying on hydropower to pioneering a less water-intensive process of making beer.

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But by far the coolest aspect of Steam Whistle Brewery’s green business plan is their fleet of vintage delivery vehicles that includes a ‘67 Jeep Grand Wagoneer and a two-door Chevy delivery sedan from the 1950s.

Gas2 reports that the brewery even took a classic ‘58 Chevy Apache pickup and converted it into a tire-smoking electric vehicle that they call “Retro Electro”.

With more than a dozen vintage American vehicles from the 1960s or older, Steam Whistle Brewing has embraced the “reuse” aspect of going green. After all, it takes a lot less energy and materials to repurpose an existing vehicle than it is to build and buy a new one, even if it is “greener.”

sw00The fleet consists of the aforementioned Grand Wagoneer (AKA “Grande Verde”) and delivery sedan (“Shakey”), there’s also “Grumpy” the ‘57 Chevy side-step pickup and “Chuckles”, the ‘56 Dodge Fargo van. There’s also “Retro Electro”, a ‘58 Chevy Apache pickup 465 ft-lbs of torque on tap from its all-electric drivetrain and a near-perfect 49/51 weight distribution.

Meanwhile the larger tractor-trailers have been modified to burn biodiesel, a cleaner alternative to your standard oil-burning big rig. Steam Whistle will deliver its fine beers to your front door in one of these vintage vehicles, adding yet another layer of cool to this craft brewer. So which of their fleet is your favorite?

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