Case of the Mondays: VW Microbus Hides a Big (V8) Secret

The 1960’s was a high point in car design, but not just for automakers in Detroit. Car designers from Australia to Amsterdam experienced something of a renaissance, penning designs that resonate even today. While many of us fondly remember the Mustang and Camaro, other iconic vehicles also came out of the 1960’s, like the Volkswagen Type 2, perhaps better remembered as simply “The VW Bus.” So why are we talking about a hippie van on a website about muscle cars?

Well, what if somebody cut one of those weed wagons in half, and shoved a 500 cubic-inch V8 into the back half of the bus? Well, the guys over at Hemmings Auto Blog found someone who has, and that bus is making its way to the Russo and Steele Auction next January.

This used to be a 1960 Type 2, commonly referred to as a “split-window” due to its divided front windshield. The slider door has been removed to shorten the bus to about half its original length. The bus was sold after it was shortened to the current owner, who wanted to fit it with an engine from a 1968 Cadillac El Dorado. This is one of the biggest engines ever made, producing about 375 horsepower and enough torque to tear the bus in half again.

This bus has a wheelbase of just 47-inches, and even the roof has been chopped. The engine is cradled in a custom frame. The wheels are custom too, and the rear tires are absolutely massive (that’s why it has a wheelie bar too). This bus even sits on airbags, so it can get over those pesky speed bumps.

All in all, this is one of the best looking custom rides we’ve ever seen. It may not be a muscle car, but this hippie bus certainly isn’t lacking in muscle.

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