Last week saw the official opening of the 2012-13 football season, and there have already been some pretty epic matches. The season kicked off with defending Superbowl champs the New York Giants (#1!!!!) matching up against arch-rivals the Dallas Cowboys. At the end of four quarters, the Cowboys came out on top, led by a stellar Tony Romo and a defense that wouldn’t give the Giants any breathing room.

One Dallas rookie was so excited to become a part of the famed Dallas Cowboys that he went out and bought his parents a Cowboys-themed Dodge Challenger, which USA Today mistakenly thought was a Chevy Camaro. Whoops!

Rookie Dallas cornerback Morris Claiborne had his own debut last Wedsnesday, impressing analysts with his fearless coverage of the Giant’s veteran reciever Hakeem Nicks, a major part of New York’s passing game. Thanks to his spot-on coverage, Claiborne was able to limit Nicks to just four catches for 38 yards. That was a big deal for Claiborne.

What’s an even bigger deal is the huge paycheck that comes with being a Cowboy player. Flush with cash, Claiborne decided to pay back those who raised him, delivering to his parents a customized Dodge Challenger in Dallas livery and sporting Claiborne’s #24.

It’s a pretty cool way to celebrate his on-field success, as well as acknowledging the family that helped him make it to the pros. Sure, we’ve seen superfan-themed cars before, but this one is a little bit more special, don’t you think?