The Chevrolet small-block V8 has grown to become one of the most popular engines in the history of the world, with over 100 million models built since its 1950s debut. With so many engines in circulation, and with the obvious popularity of such a common motor, these engines often end up powering weird, wild, and strange vehicles all over the world.

Yet few rides are as weird or wild as this one we found for sale on eBay. This 1965 Austin Mini sits on a Jeep Wrangler YJ frame, and is powered by a small-block Chevy V8 engine. What’s not to love about a V8-powered Mini Jeep, also known as the “Meep”? Nothing, and its appearance on eBay means it is also for sale.

The Jeep Wrangler YJ was built from 1987 to 1995, and it was never offered with a V8 engine. However, it didn’t take long for hot rodders to start swapping in small-block Chevys for their underpowered Jeeps. The YJ frame is known for its rugged reliability, and swapping bodies is a common occurrence as well. But swapping a Wrangler body for a Mini? That’s a first for us.

The result is a unique and glorious contraption with four-wheel disc brakes, a six-inch lift, and massive 35-inch tires that put your stock Wrangler to shame. Yet even though it looks like a hardcore mudder, the seller claims this personal ride was always garaged. About the only complaint we have is the drab olive paintjob. If ever a ride screamed for a bright yellow, it’s this Meep.