Getting through to a new generation of consumers is no easy task for today’s marketing teams. Generation Y has a short attention span and lots of options when it comes to everything from cars to potato chips. As of late, over-the-top commercials have become quite a force in advertising with markets throwing one impossible situation after another to viewers.

That was the idea behind the Doritos “JACKED” campaign utilizing a massive El Camino monster truck to jump a bunch of buses, crash through a fine china store, before barreling through a bunch of fireworks and explosions. Of course, we’ve included that video down below, because it is as awesome as it sounds. Amazingly, some one wants to sell this one-of-a-kind vehicle, as it was up for auction on eBay.

Frankly, so is this monster truck El Camino. The body is a classic 1970 El Camino bolted to the frame of a 2005 Hummer, so it has some serious street cred. According to the seller, it sounds the same as it does in the commercial. Yup, this is the exact same vehicle from the Doritos commercial, and yes, it did drive through a warehouse full of fireworks. How many other cars can claim the same?

The Doritos Jacked chips claim to “Taste like awesome feels.” That is a bold claim, but whatever your opinion of the chips, it is hard to deny the awesomeness of this El Camino. Sure, it is street legal, and driving it might result in injury or death. But really, its a freakin’ monster truck El Camino. What more could you want out of life?