Enter Raffle to Win Two Boss Mustangs

We’ve covered lots of raffles and auctions for rare Mustangs. Many of these events go to very worthy charity causes, and for the cost of a raffle ticket you often have a chance to win some pretty cool cars. After all, what better way to part people from their money than dangling a shiny new vehicle in front of them?

WinTheMustangs has one of the best raffles around, offering you the chance to win not one, but two Mustangs for the cost of one ticket. This year, they are raffling off two Boss Mustangs, a classic ’69 Boss 302 and a special “Patriot Edition” 2012 Boss too.

We’ve covered WinTheMustangs raffles before, as they offer awesome prizes and the proceeds go to the Healing Heroes Network. In case you don’t know, the Healing Heroes Network is devoted to helping wounded war veterans, and WinTheMustangs has been offering classic and contemporary Mustang raffles for years now. Last year they raffled off a ’67 GT500 and a 2010 “Patriot Edition” GT500, which went to a decorated, disabled Vietnam Veteran who bought 100 tickets for $100.

We’re inclined to believe this year’s raffle takes the cake though. The ’69 Boss 302 Mustang is an all-time classic, a true survivor with just 40,000 original miles and a 3:91 rear end, one of only 46 cars with that option. The 2012 one-of-one Patriot Edition Boss Mustang is a contemporary classic. The 2012 Boss has been painted the same Calypso Coral as the ’69 Boss, and has special badges as well as signatures from the Ford Design Team. If you do win, you don’t even have to pay taxes on either car. How sweet of a deal is that?

One little detail slipped through in the FAQ section. The 2012 Boss Mustang has a value of “approximately $40,000,”, though the FAQ states that many people paid much higher premiums for their Boss. We believe it.

Enter this contest and you could be the owner of both of these awesome Mustangs. Even if you don’t win though, you can be sure your money is going to a good cause, to help heal the everyday heroes of our nation’s military.

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