Five years ago the hot ticket at classic car auctions were famous race cars. In the surge of interest (and money) that followed, many a famous old race car once thought lost was uncovered. Others have been racing their whole lives, like this rare Plymouth factory drag racer with an engine built by the famous Ray Barton.

It is up for sale over at Hemmings, with a detailed list of what’s old, what’s new, and why it is all awesome.

According to the advertisement, this 1968 Plymouth Barracuda was “born from the factory with a HEMI engine.” It’s a real BO29 the ad goes on to say, referring to the code for factory Barracudas which were shipped to Hurst for final finishing. They came with shallow oil pans and street tires, but with just a few modifications they were 10-second cars competing in Super Stock races.

This car also reportedly holds a Ray Barton HEMI. Barton was known for extracting huge horsepower numbers from these HEMI engines, and five years ago a car like this could bring close to a quarter-million dollars. But just as recently as September, another of the 55 BO29 Barracudas sold for just $69,300, and it too has a Ray Barton engine. The market ain’t what it used to be, that’s for sure.