We’ve often expressed our love for kit cars here at powerTV. Kit cars allow those of us who can’t afford ultra-expensive and rare cars like the Shelby Cobra to partake in some of the pleasure those automobiles confer. Plus, we won’t go broke paying for it. One of the most popular makers of kit Cobras is Factory Five, who has since expanded their lineup to include a number of other famous vehicles, like the ’33 Ford.

Hemmings Auto Blog reports that Factory Five has teamed up with Rhode Island-based Tasca Ford to deliver completed kit cars, sans the engine and transmission.

Factory Five only just pulled the veil off of its ’33 Roadster back in 2008, yet the kit has proven to be wildly popular. The ’33 Ford roadster is an iconic car, but coming across an original is very rare indeed. The kit cars ship to the new owners unassembled, which allows builders the joy of being able to say “I built it myself.” Or they can just get somebody else to do it.

Tasca Ford, made famous in the ‘60s for their extensive drag racing, is getting in on the action. Tasca will assemble, paint, and essentially turn the kit into a pretty roller without an engine or transmission. That, my friends, is up to you. To us, it seems a bit like taking the joy out of a fun project, but not everybody is up to building a car with every nut and bolt. With the way the Factory Five ’33 roadster looks, we don’t really car who builds it, so long as we get one.