Holden HSV GTS is a Four-Door Camaro ZL1

hsv-gtsAustralia is a country full of people who love to drink and talk with a funny accent. It is also full of fiery tornados and creatures whose sole purpose is to kill you in the most painful way possible*. But our favorite part of Australia is the cars, because like Americans, Australians love fast cars with big V8 engines. One particular favorite, the Holden Commodore, has been getting better with age, and the latest iteration is a car we must have in America.

hsv-gts-2Called the Holden HSV GTS, it packs a 575 horsepower LSA engine under the bonnet, the same engine found in the Camaro ZL1. With GM now selling the Commodore in the U.S. as the Chevy SS, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make this car a reality in America. But that’s never stopped GM before.

Those familiar with the LSA engine know it is a power monster, and in the HSV GTS it’ll offer an incredible 575 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque, in a four-door sedan with room for the kids and in-laws. GM will also offer buyers the choice of a six-speed automatic OR manual transmission, an option currently lacking on the American-only Chevy SS. Hopefully GM fixes that little oversight. Regardless, 0-60 MPH should take ’round about 4.5 seconds. That’s Corvette territory, folks.

The rest of the HSV GTS is all badges and bodykit and upgraded interior, and it also gets some other practical upgrades as well. This includes a torque vectoring differential, an aluminum hood and trunklid, and just an overall menacing look. Hopefully GM is paying attention to us slavering Americans, and will grant us our wish of a supercharged four-door American supercar. Because anything with nearly 600 horsepower definitely falls in the “supercar” range if you ask us.

*Editor’s Note: We are basing this on the one Aussie we know personally, and though we have photographic proof that he likes to drink, the other stuff might have been lies he told to impress us while drinking.

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