If you ever want to find a weird, wacky, or far-out project car, you’d do well to skip eBay, Hemmings, Racingjunk and just go right to Craigslist. Why? Because no other website in the world holds more funky, wacky, and just plain old ridiculous projects that no sane person would ever undertake.

Here we have a classic example; a 1988 Yugo that has had the back seat removed, and replaced with the drivetrain from an Oldsmobile Toranado. Hooniverse stumbled across this question wrapped in an enigma on the Detroit Craigslist. Why you ask? Because Yugo, that’s why.

The engine is a massive 455 cubic-inch Oldsmobile V8 yanked out of a classic front-wheel drive Toranado. The engine probably weighs half what the rest of the car is, and by placing it in the back seat, the Yugo goes from a front-wheel drive fairy to a rear-wheel drive monster. Of course, given the haphazard way the engine seems to have been inserted, we’d recommend driving with discretion lest you get a crankshaft in your lap.

But with a few more minor modifications, this 325 horsepower Yugo could make a supremely awesome drag racer, and even better, a 24 Hours of Lemons car. And you could say for sure that this is a one-of-a-kind car without equal or peer, because really, how many people would undertake a Frankenstein project like this? Ever?