JE Pistons Announces Return Of Expedited Custom Orders

JE-Pistons-Color-LogoThe aftermarket parts business is a tough place to make a buck, requiring huge investments, lots of skilled workers, and massive amounts of warehouse space to house all the equipment and employees. Piston specialists JE Pistons recently completed a massive move halfway across the country, from California to Ohio, in order to seek out the best place to build their products.

tuffskirtWith the move pretty much complete, JE Pistons was happy to announce that customers can expect custom orders to be completed in three weeks or less. JE Pistons had to scale back their custom piston speeds during the move, but with everyone just about settled in, custom orders have priority once more.

JE Pistons made this big move in part to cut down on shipping times and costs for customers. In more centrally-located Ohio, JE Pistons can now have in-stock parts on your doorstep in a couple of days. The move is also allowing JE Pistons to expand their coating service. But mostly this move was about speed.

JE Pistons claims that 95% of custom orders are completed in 3 weeks or less, and in as little as just 5 days. That is a short turnaround time, and can even be expedited for an additional fee. For those of you with the money but not the patience, JE Pistons is ready to serve.


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