Turbocharger or supercharger? The decision certainly is a personal one, with benefits and drawbacks to each system. But what both systems are sure to do is put a lot more power to the wheels, and in the case of rear-wheel drive cars, that could be more power than the suspension is set up to handle.

Enter Kenny Brown Performance, who recently unveiled their twin-turbo S197 Mustang to showcase their new suspension package, while also announcing their selection of Weld Racing RT-S wheels to complete their Mustang.

The new Kenny Brown suspension setup is designed to put power down during corner exiting, and coupled with the 6-piston Baer brakes, provide more grip and handling prowess for the modern Mustang. As it turns out, wheels also play a large part in the ability of a suspension to handle the power and corner carving many drivers demand.

That is why Kenny Brown went with Weld’s RT-S wheels. These American-made wheels can handle the cornering loads demanded by the twin-turbo Mustang, and help transmit power to the ground. It’s a match made in Heaven…and it don’t hurt that these wheels look pretty damn good too.