2011 Dodge Challenger R/TThe Dodge brand has been around since the Great Depression, offering Americans a wide variety of vehicles and among some of the most iconic cars of any decade. Dodge is the cornerstone of the Mopar empire, and recent rumors of Dodge’s demise have upset the flock to the point where a major executive felt the need to step up and squash rumors.

13challengerLeave it to SRT boss Ralph Gilles to set the record straight. via social media Autoblog reports that Gilles took to Instagram to inform fans that while Dodge may get more “focused”, but the brand is here to stay.

That is welcome news for the Mopar faithful, no doubt, though the word “focused” sounds a lot like corporate speak for “downsized.” Indeed, that is what already seems to be happening, with the Viper makings the switch from Dodge to the newly-christened SRT brand. Rumor has it the Dodge Challenger will soon by replaced by the Barracuda, which may also go to SRT.

Gilles official response for a fan query on Dodge’s demise was that it is “…all rumors. Dodge may become more focused going forward but not killed!” So what will Dodge focus on? It could become the focused entry-level brand that Chrysler lacks, with Fiat placed between Chrysler and Dodge. But without performance icons like Challenger, Charger, and Viper, will Dodge become a limp-wristed brand like Plymouth before it? Let’s hope not.