SRT Reveals New Viper Logo “Stryker”

The mystique of an automobile is more than a sum of its parts, and a car like the Dodge Viper certainly had a lot of mystique to it. Though the Viper never veered far from its roots as a lightweight American sports car, it did undergo a series of cosmetic and mechanical changes since debuting in 1992.

With the Viper moving from the Dodge brand to the newly-formed SRT performance division, the fine folks at Chrysler decided that a new Viper logo was also needed. So it is we introduce you to “Stryker,” the new Viper spokesnake.

A few weeks ago Chrysler teased us with a very feint outline of the 2013 SRT Viper, and the Stryker logo is the latest piece of the next-generation Viper puzzle. Chrysler even put an infographic together showing the evolution of the Viper logo. The first logo was apparently nicknamed “Sneaky Pete” until 2002, when “Fangs” took over.

These drawings show how Stryker came to be.

Now it is Stryker’s turn, and if the new Viper logo looks a little cartoonish, there’s a reason for that. It was penned by Chrysler designer Vince Galante, a 20-something who enjoyed old cartoons like G.I. Joe, Thundercats, and Transformers. Galante also notes that the new Viper logo has hints of the new Viper’s actual design in it; so should we expect more curves and an aggressive stance, in addition to the long hood and front fenders we’ve come to expect?

We don’t know, Chrysler sure knows how to build anticipation for a new model.

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