For decades now, automakers have become increasingly globalized in an attempt to compete in existing and developing markets. Both General Motors and Ford have had a fair amount of success outside of the U.S., with GM scoring big in China and Ford increasing market share in Europe. Chrysler has been treading lightly in Europe, but with their new alliance with Italy-based Fiat, speculation has raged as to whether or not the new Viper will be heading across the pond.

Sorry to disappoint any European royalty considering a Viper purchase, but the 2013 SRT Viper will not be going over to Europe anytime soon according to In Auto News.

Instead, Chrysler wants to focus its efforts on the North American market, where the Viper was born and raised. Considering that the Viper is brand-spanking new, this is probably a good idea; Chrysler has had plenty of quality issues in the past, and while they’ve certainly improved their game, the European market is a tough nut to crack.

That is probably another reason the SRT Viper will stay in America for now, as Europe’s car market is in the proverbial pooper at the moment. Car sales are down; way down, and while we’re sure there are plenty of old-world-wealthy, discotech-owning European elite that would love to have a new Viper, Chrysler feels it just isn’t worth the effort. There’s always the gray market…