Sweden Revives The General Lee With A “Rusty” Vinyl Wrap

rusty-general-lee-3The recent controversy surrounding the Confederate Flag reached a fever-pitch a few weeks ago, with many companies halting the sale of Confederate-themed products after public outcry. That’s just America lately though, with citizens from both ends of the political spectrum turning inanimate objects and innocuous sentences into rallying cries for change and anger.

We don’t care about any of that though, we just care about fast, cool, American cars. The iconic General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard is one of the most recognizable automobiles in Hollywood history, so much so that the recent flag controversy didn’t stop Swedish car customizer Wrap Zone from creating a rusty-looking vinyl wrap for the contemporary Dodge Charger.

A Dodge Charger? In Sweden? You’d better believe it buddy, as the Swedes have a love of American muscle cars almost unmatched across the entirety of Europe. You’d have to be devoted to pay the outlandish taxes and importation fees on a modern Charger, including a 10% importing fee and 25% tax. You you imagine paying an extra 35% over the cost of your car? It makes one feel even luckier to live in America.

Back to this specific Charger, it’s playing off of several popular themes in the American automotive landscape, including the rat rod/rust patina that is close to played out. That said, it’s amazing just how authentic the rust and rot on this wrapped Charger look, as though it was a rolling metaphor for the fall of the Confederacy. Controversy aside, this is a fresh take on an iconic car…you just might want to be careful about where you drive and park it.

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