Video: A $200 Crown Vic Becomes The “Chimera”

Chimera from Josh Oakhurst on Vimeo.

Filmmakers, artists, and other creative types draw inspiration from all sorts of everyday objects. Automobiles may not seem like works of art to you, but a car can be a hero, a centerpiece, or a villain. Movie cars often steal the spotlight from actual actors, and we probably wouldn’t be talking about the following video were it not for the badass Crown Vic at the center of it. Jalopnik interviewed the director of this short movie, Chimera, which features an armor-clad Crown Victoria trapped in a post-apocalyptic world. Turns out the director, Josh Oakhurst, built this bad ass cop car himself, buying the car for just $200.

Oakhurst had been taking pictures around Providence, Rhode Island, when people told him how it looked like a post-apocalyptic future where society had collapsed. Oakhurst was also learning to weld, and came across a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor for sale in New Hampshire. It ran well, but needed all new brakes. So Oakhurst mostly just towed it around with his truck for the filming of this brief movie, though he did manage to take it to one car show.

After loading the Crown Vic up with almost a ton of armor plating, Oakhurst started shooting his short film. It’s probably not going to win any academy awards to be honest, but Oakhurst did a pretty good job making the Crown Vic look as intimidating as possible. It’s name? Chimera, which is appropriately fearsome (not that that does much good for the crew…watch the whole thing if ya wanna know what happens.)

We all know that in a real end-of-the-world scenario, Crown Vics would be kings of the road for their power and reliability. Besides Panther-based cars though, what rugged car would you rock during the End of Days?

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