Video: A Hottie Riding Shotgun In A FFR Type 65 Coupe

Shelby vehicles are among the most popular, and valuable vehicles in the world. That has led to an innumerable number replica companies popping up, though none are as well-known or worshiped as Factory Five Racing. While they got started with their Shelby Cobra replicas, FFR has expanded to cover many classics, including the Shelby Daytona, though they call their replica the “Type 65 Coupe.”

These lightweight replicas are bred for racing, and when you strap a well-endowed woman in a low-cut outfit in for a ride, the resulting video is a must-watch.

We have our friends over at the Performance Driving Network to thank for this wonderful rendition on their popular “hot girls in fast cars” segment. This particular Type 65 Coupe ain’t no joke either. Under the hood is a supercharged 2004 SVT Cobra engine making at least 400 horsepower (probably more!) in a super-light kit car with serious racing credentials.

This car sounds absolutely unbelievable, and the poor redheaded lady who went on the ride can barely be heard screaming over the roar of the Cobra engine. She gets constantly thrown back into the seat, and by the end of the video she is disheveled and out of breath…but she seems to have quite enjoyed herself as well. And who can blame her? That looks like one wild ride.

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